Test Systems Analyzes Medical Blister Package Water Vapor Permeability (WVTR)

i-Hydro 7500 Water Vapor Transmission Rate Testing System is designed to determine the water vapor transmission rate of plastic films, composite films, sheets, high barrier materials, solar back sheets, aluminum foils, waterproof membrane and bottles, cans and boxes made of plastics, rubber, glass, paper and other metal materials

A: Prepare the test specimen according to specific standard. Insert the pipe of nitrogen gas inlet and outlet into the medical blister package and connect them to the integrated inner test chamber.

B: Enclose the test specimen in an aluminum foil cover and insert the pipe of humid gas inlet and outlet into the aluminum foil cover.

C: Tie the aluminum foil cover tightly and close the door of thermal container

D: Check the tubing connection. Turn the stop valve to “ON” position and adjust the pressure regulator until the output pressure gauge indicates 0.15 MPa.

E: Observe the water level through the sight glass. If the water level is less than 1/3, please inject distilled water with syringe from the water injection port until the water level reaches 2/3 of the chamber. Then tighten the screws with Allen wrench.

F: Set up test parameters. Select specimen type “Package” and start the test

G: In process of testing, the user could adjust the humidity to desired value by turning the pressure adjustment knob in clockwise or counterclockwise direction. It usually takes 20 minutes to reach a stabilized humidity

H: Observe the flow of each test cell in process of testing. The flow of Cell A, B, C and Zero should be 100±2 ml/min and the flow of humidified gas should be 90~100 ml/min. Otherwise the flow should be adjusted by turning the valves in clockwise or counterclockwise direction. Turn in clockwise direction to decrease the flow, while counterclockwise direction to increase the flow. The flow rate of humidified gas would not be displayed in test interface. A rotameter should be inserted into the multi-port to check the flow rate of humidified gas. The rotameter should not stay in the multi-port for a long time

I: View the test results and reports. If necessary, repeat the above procedures to perform another round of tests.

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