Test-Lead Components enable CAT III 1000 V safety rating.

Press Release Summary:

Do-It-Yourself Test Lead Accessories allow user to build custom test leads with unterminated lengths of up to 50 ft. Wire with silicone and general-purpose PVC insulations are available, along with stackable and right-angle banana plugs. All products are rated at 20 A max. Applications include trailer taillights, control panels, and multi-conductor cable runs.

Original Press Release:

Pomona Electronics Debuts Do-It-Yourself Test Leads with CAT III 1000 V Safety Rating

EVERETT, WA - Pomona Electronics, the manufacturer of the leading brand of cables, connectors and test accessories, announces an innovative new series of do-it-yourself test lead accessories that allow you to build your own custom test leads with unterminated lengths of up to 15.2 meters/50 feet.

Now you can create the long test leads you need for many difficult applications, like testing tail lights on 40 foot trailers, testing continuity on that wide control panel, or sorting conductors in an installed multi-conductor cable run. Because of their extreme durability, the Pomona® test leads can be used in harsh industrial environments, where safety and flexibility are of prime importance.

o Finished test-leads comply with CAT III 1000 V (EN 61010-2-031)
o Simple self-assembly
o Highly rated silicone or general purpose PVC test lead wire insulation
o Stackable and right-angle banana plugs
o Length 15.2 m/50 ft., Max. 20 A on all products

Do-It-Yourself component:	                 Model number

General-purpose PVC industrial Pomona 6734-0 (black)
test lead wire, available in black Pomona 6734-2 (red)
or red colors.

High flexibility silicone insulated Pomona 6733-0 (black)
test lead wire for use with high Pomona 6733-2 (red)
temperatures, available in black
or red color.

Right angle sheath banana plug, Pomona 6721-0 (black)
available in black or red color. Pomona 6721-2 (red)

Multi stacking sheath banana plug, Pomona 6729-0 (black)
available in black or red color. Pomona 6729-2 (red)

For more information, contact: Pomona Electronics, 9028 Evergreen Way M/S 85, Everett, WA USA 98204. Call (425) 446-6100, fax (425) 446-6070, or e-mail techsupport@pomonaelectronics.com. Visit the Pomona Web site at www.pomonaelectronics.com. Pomona Electronics cables, connectors and test accessories are available at industrial and electronics supply outlets worldwide.

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