Temperature Controller suits oil-filled transformers.

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Offering digital temperature control for transformers, Intellix PR100 has intelligence to trip breaker, protecting unit and helping to avoid potential failure. Controller continuously computes hottest spot temperature for each of primary, secondary, and tertiary windings. It can also control cooling system, compute cooling efficiency, and generate alarms. Intellix PR100 includes universal switching power supply, 10 years of memory storage, and sensor problem detection.

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GE Energy Announces Intellix* Controller For Oil-Filled Transformers

ATLANTA, GA.-November 2, 2005- GE Energy has developed a new transformer thermoprotection unit with the capability to control the temperature of a transformer. The Intellix* PR100 digital temperature protection controller for oil-filled transformers also has the intelligence to trip a breaker, protecting the unit and helping to avoid a potential failure.

The Intellix PR100 controller continuously computes the hottest-spot temperature for each of the primary, secondary and tertiary windings. Computation of the hottest-spot temperatures is completely digital, using top oil temperature and load current input for each winding. Simultaneously monitoring three windings allows for the identification in real time of the hottest spot, even if that spot moves from one winding to another. The Intellix PR100 can also control the cooling system, compute the cooling efficiency and generate alarms.

"The Intellix PR100 can efficiently replace existing analog temperature controllers and provide superior cooling system operation for less money," said Dan Heintzelman, president of energy services for GE Energy. "The PR100 provides more capabilities than analog indicators without needing to be calibrated."

Because of its sturdiness, the Intellix PR100 can be used to trip the protective breaker. This protection function has been tested in accordance with strict protection requirements of major utilities.

Part of a common platform for transformer monitoring, the Intellix PR100 features enhanced processing power, memory and diagnostic features. The unit also includes advanced technology such as winding temperature computation and sensor problem detection. It also features a universal switching power supply, 10 years of memory storage, predictive cooling control based on transformer load current and temperature of the hottest winding, among other features.

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