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Temperature Calibrator uses black body inserts.

Press Release Summary:

Temperature Calibrator uses black body inserts.

Nov 15, 2012 - With  temperature range of -30 to 140°C, TCS140 Dry Block/Liquid Bath/Black Body Calibrator provides absolute stabilities of ±0.035°C, ±0.02°C, and ±0.045°C, respectively. Unit heats from -30 to 140°C in 15 minutes and cools from 140 to 0°C in 15 minutes with stabilization time of 10 minutes. NIST calibration certification is included, and optional black body inserts are available to calibrate infrared thermometers.

E Instruments International - Langhorne, PA

Original Press Release

"New!! TCS 140 All-In-One High Accuracy Dry Block/Liquid Bath/Blackbody Calibrator

Press release date: Nov 13, 2012

*Now Available with Black Body Inserts to Calibrate Infrared (IR) Thermometers

The TCS140 Features Include:
• Temperature Range: –30°C to 140°C
• Absolute Stability:
Dry Block: ±0.035°C
Liquid Bath: ±0.02°C
Blackbody: ±0.045°C
• Radial Uniformity:
Dry Block: ±0.02°C
Liquid Bath: ±0.004°C
• Stabilization Time of 10 mins
• 6 holes 157mm deep metal block insert
• Optional Black Body insert for IR thermometers

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