Tecate's Supercapacitor Portfolio Now Features Cap-XX High-Temperature Parts for Portable and Wireless Devices

Ultra-Thin, High-Temperature, 5.5-Volt Supercapacitors Operate Reliably from -40 to +85 Degrees C

San Diego, CA, April 16, 2008...Tecate Industries, a leading global supplier of supercapacitors and capacitors, today expanded its product line with CAP-XX's new H Series supercapacitors. The RoHS-compliant HS and HW, single- and dual-cell devices boast the industry's highest voltages for low ESR pulse supercapacitors. These low-profile, high-performance parts provide a cost-effective solution to the power delivery constraints of batteries and the energy delivery limitations of conventional capacitors.

The high temperature electrolyte in the CAP-XX H Series extends both the operating voltage (from 4.5V to 5.5V), and the operating and storage temperature (from 75 to 85 degrees C). This higher temperature specification enables them to operate reliably in portable and wireless devices which are exposed to extreme heat, or in which adjacent electronic components reach high temperatures. Their small footprint and environmentally robust package also affords engineers high energy per unit volume and superior design flexibility.

The low ESR, high-capacitance H Series supercapacitors solve power delivery problems in space-constrained portable wireless, consumer and industrial devices where temperature is a factor, and in which pulsed loads draw more power than the voltage source can readily provide. Their thin, lightweight, prismatic packaging is ideally suited for use in slim cell phone handsets, driving peak-power functions such as BriteFlash(TM) high-brightness LED flash and BriteSound(TM) enhanced audio. With a high brightness LED and H Series supercapacitor, BriteFlash can deliver more than 10 times the light power of a standard LED flash in about half the volume of a comparable xenon flash solution. Similarly, BriteSound audio ensures richer, louder and cleaner sounding music from portable electronic devices, by effectively doubling the peak audio power delivered to the speakers. Other applications for the H Series supercapacitors include digital cameras, industrial PDAs and handheld computers, bar-code scanners and credit card terminals, wireless modems, memory backup, wireless alarm systems, hybrid battery packs, USB-attached devices, solid state storage disks and mainframe computer decoupling.

The HW Series features a very small, 28.5 x 17.0mm footprint, capacitance as great as 0.4 Farad at 5.5V, and ESR as low as 100 milliohm. The HS Series features a small 39.0 x 17.0mm footprint, capacitance as great as 0.7 Farad, and ESR as low as 55 milliohm at 5.5V. Both the HW and HS supercapacitors come in thin (0.90 to 2.90mm) prismatic packages, which can be soldered or ultrasonically welded to pads on a PCB.

Pulse current for a single pulse is 20A. RMS current is 4A. The H Series has power densities as high as 71.5kW/liter and energy densities up to 5.5kJ/liter (1.5Wh/liter).

To learn more about CAP-XX H Series supercapacitors, or to order samples, production or prototype quantities online, visit


While firm pricing is determined according to the quantity and product specified, per piece pricing in quantities of 1,000 for the HS Series ranges from $3.36 to $6.25; HW Series prices range from $3.36 to $5.91. Delivery is from stock to 8 weeks ARO.

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