Teaching Pendant features interactive touch panel.

Press Release Summary:

Facilitating configuration for first time users, CON-PT features 3-color LED display that shows all position information on one screen and has backlight that changes color to alert user of error. Functions include position data entry/editing, move function, input/output signal monitoring and testing, parameter editing, and password protection.

Original Press Release:

Teaching Pendant CON-PT

With the addition of an interactive touch panel, the CON-PT touch panel teaching pendant allows for easy configuration and use even for the first time user. The new larger display is able to show all position information on one screen, making editing position data easy.


o Large, easy to read display,

o Easy configuration with touch panel,

o Backlight changes color to alert user of an error

The CON-PT is compatible with all ROBO Cylinder SEP and CON controllers

Model     CON-PT-M-ENG        CON-PD-M-ENG       CON-PG-M-S-ENG
Type Standard Type Enable Global Safety
Switch Type Category Type
Controllers PSEP / PCON / RPCON
3 position
enable switch N/A Yes Yes
Functions Position data entry /editing
Move function (Move to position, Jog function, Inching function)
Input/output signal monitoring and testing
Parameter editing
Password protection
Display 3 color LED backlight
Ambient Temp: 0~50 deg Celcius
Temp/Humidity Humidity:20~85% RH or less (No condensation)
Protective Structure IP40
Weight 750g 780g 780g
Accessories Stylus Stylus TP Adapter
(Model: RCB-LB-TG)
Dummy Plug
(Model: DP-4)
Controller Cable
(Model: CB-CON-LB005)

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