Tagging Relays help automate substations.

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Providing mechanical and electrical (LED) means for automatic placement and removal of orange warning tags, Tagging Relays feature serial communications capability and are used to optimize automated breaker control schemes in power distribution systems. They allow bidirectional operation and have 2 N/O and 2 N/C contacts per deck. Series 24 relays are offered in 2 positions and up to 10 decks, while Series 31 relays are available in 2 or 3 positions with 8 and 6 decks, respectively.

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Tagging Relays Help Automate Substations Safely

WEYMOUTH, MA - Electroswitch introduces its new Tagging Relays. Designed with serial communications capability, they can be used to optimize automated breaker control schemes in new or existing power distribution systems. They can also be used to control remote reclosure cutoff and facilitate the expansion of a SCADA system beyond a substation to distribution feeders.

Electroswitch Tagging Relays provide a reliable mechanical or mechanical and electrical (LED) means for a remote operator to automatically place and remove eye-catching orange warning tags, ensuring personnel safety in compliance with worker-safety tag-out rules.

The Series 24 Tagging Relays offer two positions and up to 10 decks. Their contact ratings (interrupt) are 20A @ 120VAC and 3A @ 125VDC. Coil burdens range from 9.9A @ 48VDC to 6.6A @125VAC.

The Series 31 Tagging Relays are available with either two or three positions and contain up to eight or six decks, respectively. Their contact ratings (interrupt) are 10A @ 120VAC and 1A @125VDC. Coil burdens range from 9.7A @ 48VDC to 4.1A @ 125VAC for the two-position models and from 13.4A @ 48VDC to 5.3A @ 125VAC for the three-position models.

Two-position models offer "Normal" and "Tagged" positions, while three-position models have "Closed," "Open," and "Tagged" positions. All models allow bi-directional operation and have two N/O and two N/C contacts per deck. Standard operating voltages are 48VDC and 125VDC; other operating voltages are available. Electroswitch Tagging Relays are compact and have multiple contacts.

Prices start at $745.00 with delivery quoted at 2 weeks ARO.

Electroswitch is the industry leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of tough, reliable switches, relays, and other electrical systems products for utility, industrial, and military environments. The Electroswitch line of standard products is complemented by the company's proven ability and willingness to modify, custom design, and test their switches and relays for virtually any application. The company takes pride in meeting customer delivery requirements, no matter how stringent.

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