Surface Mount LED have 2 mA low-current design.

Press Release Summary:

Featuring red, green, yellow, and orange illumination, 591-2X04-XXXF 2 mA low-current, surface-mount LED is compatible with automatic placement equipment as well as RoHS compliant surface mount reflow soldering processes. Unit includes silicone lens that mimics typical 3 mm through-hole LED lens and utilizes prismatic light pipe in black housing. Operating from -40 to +100ºC, it is available with either square or round lens and on 7 and 13 in. reels packaged on 16 mm tape.

Original Press Release:

Dialight Brings Out New Version of Its 591 Prism® Series LED

New 591 Series Prism® CBI® 2mA Low-Current Surface-Mount LED in four colors with round or square lens

FARMINGDALE, NJ (December 17, 2008) - Dialight's 591 Series of surface-mount packaged LEDs has been expanded to include a patented Prism® LED designed with 2mA low-current and now features 4-color illumination in red, green, yellow and orange. Designed to help eliminate mixed technology PC board processing, the 3mm Prism® Series is compatible with automatic placement equipment as well as RoHS compliant surface-mount reflow soldering processes. The silicone lens in this Prism® Series mimics a typical 3mm through-hole LED lens and provides similar light diffusion and aesthetic appeal to the traditional through-hole LEDs used in circuit-board indication applications. It also uses a prismatic light-pipe in a black housing for enhanced contrast ratio.

The 591-2X04-XXXF is available in both 7" and 13" reels packaged on a 16mm tape per EIA-481-2. The 7" reels contain 400 pieces while the 13" reel has 1600 and parts are also available on tapes of 20 pieces. The storage and operating temperature ranges are both from -40ºC to +100ºC.

Pricing is less than $0.50 per unit in production quantities. The 591-2X04-XXXF is available with either a square or round lens and delivery of production quantities is 4 to 6 weeks after receipt of order. This product is available through Dialight's global network of distributors.

About Dialight

Dialight plc (LSE: DIA.L) is leading the lighting revolution for industrial users across the world. Applying leading edge LED technology it produces retro-fittable lighting fixtures designed specifically for hazardous locations, obstruction lighting, traffic and rail signalling to vastly reduce maintenance, save energy, improve safety and ease disposal. Versions of these high specification luminaires are also produced for more general industrial and outdoor situations. The company is headquartered in the UK with operating locations in the UK, USA, Germany and Mexico. More information is available at

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