Strategic Test Announces LabWindows/CVI Support for UltraFast Digitizer and Waveform Generator Boards

Supports LabWindows/CVI version 7.1 and later

Woburn, MA USA - July 24, 2007. Strategic Test Corp is now providing LabWindows/CVI examples at no cost for their UltraFast range of PCI Express, PCI, PXI and CompactPCI instrument cards. The examples demonstrate how to integrate the standard UltraFast Windows DLL with LabWindows/CVI so that mixed-mode test systems can be configured using the Strategic Test series of Digitizer, Arbitrary Waveform Generator, Digital I/O and Pattern Generator boards.

The examples include a soft oscilloscope, long-term measurement, function generator, signal generator, digital recording and playback, and digital pattern generation. These can be easily modified for the user's own application.

A photograph is available from and has the Caption: LabWindows/CVI drivers for modular instruments

About Strategic Test
Strategic Test is a world leading supplier of PC instrument cards and has offices in the USA and Europe. The company's clients include global electronics, semiconductor, defense, telecommunications and medical instrument companies, government funded research labs and universities in five continents.

The first high-speed measurement card for PC's was designed in 1989. Today the product range consists of more than 200 Oscilloscope/ Digitizer, Arbitrary Waveform Generator, high-speed Digital I/O and Digital Pattern Generator cards in the industry standard PCI Express, PCI, 3U PXI and 6U CompactPCI formats.

Each product can be individually configured from a choice of more than eight hardware options design to address the needs of specific applications. Software Development Kits are available for Microsoft Windows (Vista, XP64, XP, 2000, NT), Linux (Redhat, Debian, Suse, Fedora, Sarge), LabVIEW, MATLAB, LabWindows/CVI, DASYLab, Agilent-VEE and Excel.

All products are supplied with two year hardware warranty together with lifetime technical support and software updates.

For further information please contact:

Bob Giblett
Strategic Test Corporation
12 Alfred Street, Suite 300
Woburn, MA 01801-1915
United States

Tel: (617)621-0080
Fax: (617)621-1414

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