Straight Cutting Torch features unique gas mixing design.

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Working with multiple fuel gas types, Oxweld® SCT-1500 TR features Elite Series Universal Swirl Injector, which swirls high-pressure oxygen streams to create homogenous mix of gas, minimizing potential for flashback. Swirling of oxygen and fuel gas produces pump-like action that forms vacuum in torch to optimize performance with long hoses and lower-pressure operations. Featuring 3-tube, in-line design, torch can cut up to 10 in. with acetylene and up to 12 in. with alternate fuel gases.

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ESABs New Oxweld® Series Straight Cutting Torch Features Unique Gas Mixing Design

Florence, SC – ESAB’ s Global Center of Excellence for Gas Apparatus in Florence, South Carolina offers the new Oxweld® SCT-1500 TR manual Straight Cutting Torch as part of its Elite Series of gas apparatus products. The Oxweld SCT-1500 TR features ESAB’s patent-pending Elite Series Universal Swirl Injector gas mixing technology that provides an optimum mix of gas to improve cutting efficiency while reducing the potential for damaging flashback.

ESAB’s Elite Series Universal Swirl Injector delivers top performance using any fuel gas. This unique injector swirls the higher-pressure oxygen streams to create a superior homogenous mix of gas. This gas mixture in the entrainment zone increases efficiency and delivers maximum cutting performance not possible with equal pressure or tip mixers. In addition, the swirling of the high-pressure oxygen and fuel gas produces a pump-like action that forms a vacuum in the torch to improve performance with longer hoses and lower-pressure operations.

The Elite Series Universal Swirl Injector creates a superior mix of preheat gases in the torch head – the furthest point from the user. Flashbacks typically occur at the point where fuel gas and oxygen mix together. ESAB’s design contains this mixture in the safest possible location.

ESAB’s Oxweld SCT-1500 TR cutting torch also provides high capacity, featuring up to 50% more cutting capacity than comparable designs with the ability to cut up to 10 inches when using acetylene, and up to 12 inches with alternate fuel gases.

The Oxweld SCT-1500 TR cutting torch, like all Elite Series torches, offers the flexibility to work with multiple fuel gas types. ESAB’s Elite Series is the only cutting torch capable of changing from a positive pressure universal mixer to a universal injector simply by changing the cutting tip from acetylene to any alternate fuel gas. This eliminates the need to change the mixer to match the fuel gas or have different cutting torches for different fuels.

A 3-tube, in-line design provides for increased gas flow, performance and durability. The strength of the 3-tube design permits a higher cutting capacity in acetylene and alternate fuel gases, which may eliminate the need for larger, more expensive heavy-duty cutting torches.

An internal tip nut keeps the cutting tip seated thereby reducing the risk of leaks when temperatures rise and thermal expansion takes place. This exclusive design also protects the threads on the head of the cutting torch from damage when changing tips.

ESAB’s newest cutting torch is equipped with color-coded pressure adjustment knobs for quick and easy identification of gases. The cutting oxygen lever and valve are designed for “ease-on” control of cutting oxygen, which reduces the potential for blowback when piercing and increases user confidence. The torch is properly weighted for comfort and reduced operator fatigue.

The new Oxweld SCT-1500 TR cutting torch, like all Elite Series products sold in North America, is backed by ESAB’s 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. ESAB guarantees complete satisfaction with the product for the first 100 days of ownership. ESAB’s Lifetime Warranty covers manufacturer defects in materials and workmanship for the life of the product.

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