Stereomicroscope allows repeatable, multi-probe experiments.

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Model MZ16 FA provides motorized, automated, fully apochromatic operation. User can control filter changer, zoom, focus, shutter, and iris diaphragm with touch of a button. Apochromatic 7.1 to 115x magnification range images structures down to 600 nm. Smart motorization allows time lapse, multi-probe, or extended depth of focus experiments. TripleBeam(TM) illumination provides high fluorescence signal-to-noise ratio and flat, black background.

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Leica Microsystems Inc. Introduces New Flourescence Stereomicroscope System

September, 2003

Contact: Molly Lundberg, Director, Communications
Phone (847) 405-7026, Fax (847) 405-0164

Bannockbum, Illinois. Leica Microsystems introduces a new addition to the most advanced line of stereomicroscopes in the world. We are proud to present the world's first motorized, automated, fully apochromatic, fluorescence stereomicroscope, the Leica MZ16 FA.

As the science of gene expression and developmental biology have evolved, Leica's fluorescence technology has evolved so that research can be performed more accurately and easily. Today these sciences require hundreds of time-consuming experiments and long-term, labor-intensive studies of model systems. With the
Leica MZ16 FA the researcher can control the filter changer, zoom, focus, shutter, and iris diaphragm at the touch of a button; allowing for fast, repeatable, multi-probe experiments. Every user can achieve more accurate results and save valuable time with this system. The MZ16 FA features:
o World's highest resolution - Unsurpassed apochromatic 7.1 to 115x magnification range (16:1) images structures down to 600nm
o Smart motorization - Easy time lapse, multi-probe or extended depth of focus experiments
o TripleBeam(TM) illumination - Highest fluorescence signal-to-noise ratio and flattest, black background available

The MZ16 FA has been carefully designed to let researchers concentrate on the science behind their experiment, not on their equipment. Leica's MZ16 FA. Fluorescence Stereomicroscopy, Evolved!


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