Step Motor Drive is network compatible.

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StepNet(TM) Drives enable steppers to be included in CANopen multi-axis servo networks and operate under DSP402 CANopen protocol for motion control devices. Embedded intelligence enables each drive to execute point-to-point moves with S-curve profiling. Complex profiles, defined by position/velocity/time points, are executed using polynomial interpolation. StepNet drives deliver 5 A continuous and 7 A peak current and operate from 20-75 Vdc.

Original Press Release:

StepNet(TM) Enables Step Motors To Be Added To CANopen Multi-Axis Servo Networks

Network Compatible Step Motor Drive Enables Steppers To Be Included In CANopen Network Previously Confined To Servo Motors. Automation Designers Can Now Use Best Motor For Task

Canton, MA, September 19, 2003-Copley Controls introduces the StepNet(TM) step motor drive for operating stepper motors in networked multi axis automation. The new drives enable stepper motors to be included in CANopen networked systems that were previously limited to servo motor drives. System designers can select the drive motors best suited to the application-servo motors for speed & power, stepper motors for simplicity & low cost. Networked motion control cuts cost and simplifies system setup and commissioning. A one stop vendor guarantees seamless stepper/server network integration for assembly, packaging, fabrication, and test systems.

StepNet(TM) Drive Specs
StepNet(TM) modules drive two phase stepper motors in networked multi axis systems. The drives operate as nodes on the CANopen bus. StepNet(TM) drives operate under the DSP402 CANopen protocol for motion control devices. Embedded intelligence enables each drive to execute point-to-point moves with S-curve profiling. More complex profiles, defined by a series of position/velocity/time points, are executed using polynomial interpolation for best fit contouring. The CANopen DSP402 protocol enables multiple steppers to be synchronized for coordinated multi-axis control.

StepNet(TM) drives employ field oriented control to maximize motor speed/torque performance. Electronic damping minimizes move times by reducing settling time and mid-speed instability. The drives operate motors in full step and half step modes, plus micro stepping for enhanced resolution and minimal velocity ripple. Adjustable detent torque compensation is a further curb to velocity ripple.

StepNet(TM) modules function as stand-alone step motors drives, in addition to their networking role. When used with a dedicated motion controller, the drives accept CW/CCW and pulse & direction inputs, plus quadrature encoder data for electronic gearing.

StepNet(TM) drives deliver 5A continuous and 7A peak current and operate from 20 to 75VDC. In multi axis motion controls, the ability to operate all stepper drives and servo amplifiers from a common 75VDC supply cuts cost and reduces space.

Data Sheet:

Mechanical Design, Protection
StepNet(TM) drives are built in PC-board mounting packages measuring 0.98" high x 2.62" wide x 4.05" long. The amplifiers are protected against over-current, over-temperature, and incorrect operating voltages. They are further protected from short circuits between outputs, from output to ground, against over-temperature, and against incorrect operating voltages. A built-in computation algorithm monitors I2T heating to set motor current limits.

CME 2(TM) Software Automates System Setup
StepNet(TM) users automate otherwise time-consuming system setup and commissioning functions with Copley's CME 2(TM) software. The software, loaded into the user's computer, provides auto tuning of the current loop. User adjustable damping and the detent compensation are also provided. With adjustments completed, the software settings are stored in the amplifier's non-volatile flash memory.

Software Libraries Speed System Implementation
Copley Controls has developed extensive libraries of motion control software (Copley Motion Libraries) and software COM objects (COM) to make system development fast and simple. The development of low level code to control a CANopen network of intelligent drives is eliminated. All network housekeeping is taken care of automatically by a few simple commands linked into the user's Visual Basic, Labview or C++ application program.

StepNet(TM) drives provide "elbow room" for motion control designers by permitting stepper motors to be mixed with servo motors in multi axis networked automation. Designers can now select the best motor for each job.

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