Static Mixing Company Works to Redefine Energy Efficiency

The Komax Direct Injection Steam Heater Offers A Host of Benefits to the Pulp and Paper Industry

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. - Efficiency is a must in a culture that prizes lean manufacturing over anything else, and Komax has been working to offer the most efficient technology on the market for decades. The Direct Injection Steam Heater is easily one of the best parts of that cleaner, greener line.

Efficiency has Many Hats

Government statistics show that industrial energy use is responsible for almost 30% of all greenhouse gas emissions in the country, and the cost of that energy usage totals nearly $180 billion every single year. It's little wonder that so many are looking to keep costs down as much as possible, but in an environment that demands so many systems to do business, it becomes a difficult equation. Fortunately, products like the Direct Injection Steam Heater manage to do just that. The heater causes a very low-pressure drop in existing flow, meaning no extra input is needed to progress the system except steam.

"To build off of our design's minimal drop in pressure, we also incorporate a smoothly flowing steam path that encourages the use of momentum in steam injection. Not only does the steam input retain momentum, but this conservation of energy is passed onto the product flow as well," said Nolan Smith/Sr. Applications Specialist.

Going beyond Energy savings

The Komax Direct Injection Steam Heater offers so many more benefits outside of energy efficiency, though. This multi-benefit approach is perhaps what remains so attractive to pulp and paper companies today.

The steam heater is far more compact than other heating options. The unit conforms in size with the rest of the pipeline and doesn't need any downstream piping to complete its job.

All heating takes place instantly at the point of steam injection because their patented Equalizer mixing elements immediately incorporate tiny bubbles of steam all throughout the product. This means a more concise system of pipes, and even that thermowells can be installed just 2-4 diameters after the heater. By using less material in an overall process, another face of efficiency is revealed.

Efficiency as Consistency

Using the Komax Steam Heater would be pointless if it required constant upkeep and maintenance. This is especially true with paper production because pulp can lead many other systems to fail or become jammed. That's never the case with Komax, though.

"Our HotShot Steam Heater has replaced many other options in the production of paper. Mostly it was the non-fouling design that prompted companies to turn to us, but once they found out the many other ways our products save money, we quickly became better acquainted," said Sameer Kshirsagar/Sr. Applications Specialist.

Efficiency can take on many forms, and the Komax steam heater works better, uses less energy, and uses fewer resources. Add that to the fact that it's completely vibration free. Although seemingly just a luxury, this can drastically prolong the life of a production line, plus there is no wasted energy on the consequences of added vibrations.

With products like this, it's clear that Komax offers equipment that performs its duties flawlessly, continually promoting improvement everywhere, particularly in much needed areas like energy efficiency.


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