Standard-Knapp 357 Orbitron Continuous-Motion Case Packer Delivers Efficient, Reliable Operation within a Small Footprint

Portland, CT – Standard-Knapp, a worldwide leader in the manufacture of innovative packaging machinery, announces that its 357 Orbitron™ Continuous Motion Case Packer improves line uptime in bottle and can packaging lines by reliably and continuously guiding products into cases or pre-formed trays.

The 357 Orbitron Continuous Motion Case Packer features an overhead flight section that continuously guides products and reduces the machine’s footprint. It features low-cost, lightweight change parts to make changeover simple and efficient, with no additional tools or personnel required.

Product options for the 357 Orbitron make it flexible enough to suit a wide range of bottle and can packaging lines, including a Data Table Access Module to access programmable speeds, an extended powered discharge conveyor for tall products, alternate PLC models, and more.

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About Standard-Knapp
Standard-Knapp is the leading manufacturer of innovative packing machinery for a variety of industries including beverage, food, household chemicals, personal care, and automotive.  A pioneer in the field of automatic packaging equipment, Standard-Knapp provides robust, efficient packaging solutions such as tray packers, tray loading machines, case packers, shrink wrappers, and bottle packers. 

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