STAC6-Q-H Stepper Drive is designed for use in hazardous locations.

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STAC6-Q-H Stepper Drive is suitable for oil, gas, paint, and printing industries where flammable gases, vapors or liquids exist. Unit’s anti-resonance algorithm provides optimal torque with microstepping of 51,200 steps/rev. STAC6-Q-H is powered by single-phase 120 VAC and offers nominal 160 VDC internal bus. Drive features encoder feedback option and can run stored programs created with Q programming language.

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Applied Motion Offers First Stepper Drive Internationally Certified for Use in Hazardous Locations Such as Oil & Gas and Printing Industries

Applied Motion offers the first and only step motor drive internationally certified for use in hazardous locations. The STAC6-Q-H Stepper Drive is ATEX and IECEx certified for Class I, Zone 2 locations, and UL certified for Class 1, Div. 2, Group C & D locations; Class 1, Zone 2 locations. The HazLoc Step Motor Drive is approved for use in hazardous industrial applications throughout the USA, Canada, Europe and the Middle East.

Addressing the need for step motors in hazardous locations in the oil, gas, paint, and printing industries, the STAC6-Q-H Stepper Drive operates in environments where flammable gases, vapors or liquids may be present in the air in quantities to produce explosive or ignitable mixtures. The STAC6-Q-H is currently in operation driving a step motor to control the braking and speed of the drill string of on oil rig.

Powered by single-phase 120 VAC that generates a nominal 160 VDC internal bus, the STAC6-Q-H provides superior performance when paired with high-quality NEMA 23, 24, 34 or 42 frame step motors. An advanced anti-resonance algorithm ensures optimal torque over a wide speed range, while microstepping to 51,200 steps/rev provides for smooth, high-resolution positioning.

An encoder feedback option is available for enhanced system accuracy using Applied Motion’s proprietary Stall Detection and Stall Prevention features, which overcome limitations of open loop step motor systems. The drive is capable of running stored programs created with Applied Motion’s Q programming language, and has sufficient input/output signals to connect to multiple external devices or sensors.

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