SSI Interface in JVL Integrated QuickStep Motors

Connection of absolute encoders with SSI-interface

The firmware of JVL's QuickStep motors has been extended with yet another function: an SSI encoder interface. It is thus possible to integrate absolute encoder functions in the QuickStep integrated stepper motors and in the stepper motor controller SMC75. Typically, absolute-encoders are used when there is a need to continue operation immediately after power is re-applied to a machine or system - without first having to perform a zero-search reset. Another major reason for using absolute encoders is to correct motor position in relation to the actual physical absolute position measured by the SSI encoder.

JVL has recently assisted with the completion of a large system that uses a number of SMC75 controllers with LIKA SSI encoders. The SSI functionality has thus already proven its applicability in practice.

JVL can also supply the QuickStep motors with a built-in rotating semi-multiturn absolute encoder for less demanding tasks.

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