Spring-Loaded Connectors feature .100 in. above board profile.

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Suitable for board-to-board or device-to-board connections, single row Series 815-22-0XX-30-001101 is available in 2–32 positions, while double row Series 817-22-0XX-30-001101 comes in 4–72 positions. RoHS-compliant connectors feature mid-stroke travel of .012 in. and full stroke of .024 in. Spring-loaded pins, rated for 1 million cycles, have current rating of 2 A continuous and 3 A max. High-temperature plastic housing is suitable for all soldering processes.

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Ultra-Low Profile Spring-Loaded Connectors

Mill-Max introduces our lowest profile spring-loaded connectors, just .100” in height.  The trend toward miniaturization in electronic packaging demands ever smaller interconnects that deliver high quality performance.  For board-to-board or device-to-board connections, these low profile spring-loaded connectors are a practical solution. 

The new connectors are offered in single row, series 815-22-0XX-30-001101 and double row, series 817-22-0XX-30-001101, both on .100” (2,54 mm) grid.  The single row is available in 2 to 32 positions and the double row in 4 to 72 positions.  For surface mount applications where above board height is limited, these connectors are ideal with an above board profile of .100”, a mid-stroke travel of .012” (0,3 mm) and full stroke of .024” (0,61 mm.)

These low profile spring-loaded connector options maintain the quality and reliability of current Mill-Max spring pin connectors by utilizing the same technology & internal spring components.  Gold-plated components and springs ensure the highest conductivity, corrosion resistance and durability. The spring- loaded pins used in these connectors are rated for one million cycles and have a current rating of 2 amps continuous use (3 amps maximum.)  The high temperature plastic housing is suitable for all soldering processes and the connectors are RoHS compliant. 

For more information, please visit: www.mill-max.com/PR633.

Mill-Max is the leading US manufacturer of machined interconnect components with a vertically integrated manufacturing facility headquartered at 190 Pine Hollow Rd., Oyster Bay, NY  11771.  Its full product line includes spring-loaded connectors, SIP, DIP, PGA and BGA sockets, board-to-board interconnects and pin headers, surface mount and custom products, PCB pins and receptacles, solder terminals, wrapost receptacles and terminals.  The company’s complete manufacturing facility includes engineering, tooling, primary and secondary machining, stamping, plating, injection molding, and assembly.

For more information, contact Robin D. Ritter, Marketing Coordinator, Mill-Max Mfg. Corp., rritter@mill-max.com; www.mill-max.com; PR633, 2/13.

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