Spectro Delivers 25,000th Analytical Instrument

SPECTRO CIROS VISION Emission Spectrometer to Perform Geological Analysis for Canadian Laboratory Service Supplier

25,000th Spectrometer Will Be Used to Examine Geological Samples.

Kleve, Germany, December, 2006 - SPECTRO, a worldwide leader in analytical instruments for energy dispersive x-ray fluorescence analysis (EDXRF) and optical emission spectrometry with inductively coupled plasma (ICP-OES), has produced and delivered its 25,000th analytical instrument. The instrument, a SPECTRO CIROS VISION ICP-OES spectrometer, was purchased by Acme Analytical Laboratories Ltd. in Vancouver, British Columbia, to examine environmental and geological samples.

"Acme Analytical Laboratories, a laboratory service supplier, is one of our most important Canadian customers," notes Doug Keene, Sales Manager for SPECTRO Analytical Instruments in Kingwood, Texas. "Acme is active around the world, supporting its customers in all areas of geological analysis. The laboratory has ordered eight SPECTRO CIROS Vision ICP spectrometers since beginning ICP-OES analysis several years ago."

The SPECTRO CIROS VISION, with the special serial number marking its status as SPECTRO's 25,000th instrument, will be used by Acme in Vancouver for a wide range of applications. Acme employs ICP-OES technology to examine soil, sludge, water and waste water as well as rocks. Another important application for the CIROS VISION is measurement of the precious metal content in rock and ore samples.

ICP-OES analysis allows Acme to offer its customers a combination of analytical procedures. Rock samples, for example, are first analyzed with the CIROS VISION and then with an ICP mass spectrometer to achieve the lowest possible detection limits and to cover the entire spectrum of elements.

"We are extremely pleased that this particular instrument--one of our flagship SPECTRO CIROS VISION spectrometers--carries the memorable serial number 25,000," comments Tom Milner, Marketing Manager for SPECTRO in Kleve, Germany. "We have a spearheading instrument, an important customer, and an increasingly important application area in a key growth market for us all summed up in this one instrument."

About Acme Analytical Laboratories:

Acme is a full-service laboratory that completely supports its customers in questions of analysis. The laboratory offers services from sample processing to analysis with measurement procedures specific to customer requirements as well as storage and disposal of the sample material. Acme is primarily active in the mineral analysis segment. Among its most important customers are mining companies, geological institutes and the mineral industry. The Acme laboratories examine rock samples, soil and sludge, water and waste water and organic sediments. It operates worldwide with subsidiaries in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, China, Ecuador, Guyana, Mexico, Peru, Turkey and Zimbabwe along with a Canadian branch office in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories.


SPECTRO is one of the worldwide leading suppliers of analytical instruments for optical emission and x-ray fluorescence spectrometry. As a member of the AMETEK Materials Analysis Division, SPECTRO manufactures advanced instruments, develops the best solutions for strongly varying applications and provides exemplary customer service. Innovation, instrument concerns and customer relations are its main activities. From its foundation in 1979 until today, more than 25,000 analytical instruments have been delivered to customers around the world.

AMETEK, Inc. is a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electric motors with an annual turnover of approximately 1.8 billion US$. AMETEK's corporate growth plan is based on four key strategies: Operative excellence, strategic acquisitions and alliances, geographic and market expansion as well as new products. AMETEK's common stock is a component of the S&P MidCap 400 Index and the Russell 1000 Index.

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