Spark Plug Boots Match Subaru OEM Requirements

Aftermarket silicone spark plug boots that exactly match Subaru OEM requirements and many other manufacturers' including NASCAR® distributor and spark plug boots and terminals are being introduced by ETCO, Automotive Products Division of Bradenton, Florida, U.S.A.

ETCO SB-27 Subaru Spark Plug Boots are made from silicone, rated for 7mm cable, and exactly match original Subaru equipment. Suited for aftermarket spark plug wire set fabricators, these boots are ISO/TS 16949 rated and designed for popular 4-cylinder engines. Other OEM compatible boots to match a wide range of aftermarket and NASCAR® applications are also offered.

ETCO SB-27 Subaru Spark Plug Boots are specifically designed for: Forrester '98-'02, Impreza '02-'06, Legacy '02, Baja '03-'06, and Imp '03-'06 models. The firm also makes a full range of automotive terminals and connectors.

ETCO SB-27 Subaru Spark Plug Boots are priced according to quantity.

For more information contact:

ETCO Incorporated
John J. Macaluso, VP Marketing
25 Bellows St.
Warwick, RI 02888 U.S.A.
(401) 467-2400 FAX (401) 941-2453


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