Sonics' Multi-Element Probes Used in Scinomix Cell Lysis Automated Sonication System

Sonics & Materials, Inc. is providing Scinomix in Earth City, MO with ultrasonic equipment to address the needs of researchers involved with nucleic and protein extraction. Scinomix is using the Vibra-Cell ultrasonic processor with their automated sample preparation system wherein Sonics' multi-element probes are used to process deepwell microplates.

Sonics' high throughput probes meet the needs of repetitive tasks and can be used with automated systems like the Scinomix "CLASS" to deliver uniform energy to microplates with up to 96 wells. The probes are fabricated from titanium alloy Ti-6Al-4V and are autoclavable.

Sonics' ultrasonic liquid processing kits are available to meet a wide spectrum of OEM applications, along with standard or custom-formatted multi-element probes.

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