Software provides timing closure verification.

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With ability to plug holes in timing closure for electronic design, EnVision TCV(TM) features Meridian(TM) that verifies data traversing asynchronous clock domains on ASIC, SOC, or FPGA devices. Meridian also verifies structure and protocols needed for clock domain crossing safe design and pinpoints design problems with minimum amount of manual sign-off. PureTime feature removes risk of errors in Synopsys Design Constraint timing exceptions and provides accuracy of full sequential analysis.

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Real Intent Announces EnVision TCV(TM), Timing Closure Verification Software

Software plugs significant holes in timing closure for electronic design

Sunnyvale, California- May 18, 2007 - Real Intent, Inc., the leading supplier of formal verification software for electronic design, today announced EnVision TCV, the only complete software solution for Timing Closure Verification (TCV). EnVision TCV includes Meridian(TM) for clock domain crossing (CDC) verification and PureTime(TM) for timing exception verification. The inspiration for EnVision TCV is the fact that while the use of static timing is key to the release of reliable high performance designs, there are still significant holes in typical verification and timing flows. These holes, such as untimed and unverified paths, allow designs with errors to slip through. By providing Proven Timing Closure, EnVision TCV complements existing flows, and avoids schedule delays or expensive chip respins.

"Many designs have been released using combinations of Functional Verification, Static Timing Analysis, and Equivalency Checking, which allow design teams to achieve confidence in function and timing," said Prakash Narain, CEO and President of Real Intent, Inc. "However there are two classes of paths which are left untimed or improperly verified using these flows. With our EnVision TCV design teams can achieve Proven Timing Closure and plug these holes in their verification flows."

Closing Timing Verification Holes with Proven Timing Closure

Two sources of errors are not covered by typical functional verification, static timing, and equivalence checking flows: clock domain crossing signals and exceptions to default timing.

Clock domain crossing signals are not verified by simulation, emulation, prototyping or equivalency checking, nor are they checked by static timing, where in fact they are typically marked as false paths. Meridian (announced in April this year), part of EnVision TCV, is a new approach to CDC verification, and is engineered to verify that data traversing asynchronous clock domains on ASIC, SOC or FPGA devices is received reliably. After quick automatic setup, Meridian formally verifies both the structure and the protocols required for CDC safe design, then pinpoints design problems with an absolute minimum amount of manual sign-off.

PureTime, also part of EnVision TCV, removes the risk of errors in Synopsys Design Constraint (SDC) timing exceptions. Neither functional simulation, emulation, prototyping, nor static timing verifies the correctness of exceptions. PureTime's automatic processing dramatically improves project schedules when compared to manual review of exceptions. PureTime provides the accuracy of full sequential analysis. Combinatorial only solutions can not analyze multi cycle paths, and will erroneously invalidate false paths that full sequential analysis correctly verifies.

Price and Availability

EnVision TCV is available now for $97k.

About Real Intent

Real Intent is extending breakthrough formal technology to critical problems encountered by design and verification teams worldwide. Real Intent's products dramatically improve the functional verification efficiency of leading edge application specific integrated circuit (ASIC), system-on-chip (SOC), and Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) devices. Over 40 major electronics design houses, including Sun Microsystems, AMD, nVidia, and NEC Electronics use Real Intent software.

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