Software Package assures full design verification.

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NC-Sim Plus package includes NC-Sim mixed language simulator, which handles ASIC, SoC, and FPGA designs, and Verification Cockpit functional verification tool. It also includes TestBuilder open-source test bench development tool, which is based on C++ language, and includes C++ class libraries with transaction models and functions. Software package with BuildGates(R) synthesis tools is suitable for integrated front-end logic design solutions.

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Bundle Includes NC-Sim, Verification Cockpit, TestBuilder, and BuildGates® Tools

D.A.T.E-Paris, France-- March 5, 2002 -- Cadence Design Systems, Inc. (NYSE: CDN), the world's leading supplier of electronic design products and services, today announced a powerful new NC-Sim Plus package that provides a integrated front-end logic design solution. NC-Sim Plus includes the Cadence® best-in-class NC-Sim mixed language simulator, TestBuilder open-source testbench development tool, Verification Cockpit functional verification tool, and the BuildGates synthesis tool.

"In this era of multi-million gate ASICs, reusable IP, and SoC designs, verification has become the major bottleneck in getting designs released," said Rahul Razdan, corporate vice president and general manager of Systems and Functional Verification at Cadence. "It is a real challenge for engineers to know when a design has been verified and meets specified implementation criteria. Our unique solution combines the tools required to provide reliable answers to today's verification-through-implementation challenges."

NC-Sim Plus directly addresses the key challenge that verification engineers face: the lack of a reliable means to confirm that their design has been fully verified. Without this information, designers are often caught in a cycle of design respins that are costly and time-consuming. NC-Sim Plus brings together the tools that give engineers the confidence that their designs have been fully verified.

"NC-Sim Plus makes it possible for us to increase our productivity while reducing the cost of our EDA expenditure," said Kaushik Patel, Vice President of Engineering at Azanda Network Devices. "It gives us the highest level of base simulation performance, the ability to raise the level of abstraction at which we design, and the ability to debug and analyze our designs at the transaction level. And we also get a synthesis tool, which makes this package a complete front-end digital design solution."

At the center of this new product bundle is NC-Sim, the fastest and most robust mixed-language simulator on the market. It was designed to handle the most complex ASIC, SoC, and FPGA designs. The open-source TestBuilder testbench development tool provides the first step in creating a transaction-based verification environment. It is based on the familiar C++ language and includes a set of C++ class libraries with the transaction models and functions designers need.

Verification Cockpit provides transaction-based analysis capabilities. It is a powerful, mixed language functional verification environment that integrates multiple tools and methodologies to accelerate functional convergence. BuildGates synthesis tool enables rapid synthesis of multi-million-gate designs with superior results. It features the Cadence common timing engine, which provides high-capacity and high-performance timing analysis.

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