Smart Touchscreen HMI PCs simplify industrial machine control.

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Targeting industrial OEM/ODM applications that require intelligent, Web-based HMIs, Value Line series provides control and monitoring from aluminum die-cast housing with NEMA 4/IP65 aluminum front bezel. Intel® Celeron® N2930 CPU and on-board non-volatile DDR3L-1333 memory are standard, and 7–21.5 in. screens come in single resistive and multitouch versions. Along with open architecture, features include SD card slot and open platform design with multiple connectivity options.

Original Press Release:

AIS's Value Series Smart, Touch Panel PCs Offer OEMs Advanced HMI Capabilities for Simple Industrial Machine Control, IIoT and M2M Communications

AIS Delivers an All-In-One, Smart HMI solution for OEMs and ODMs Requiring Interfaces that Provide Simple and Affordable Machine Control & Monitoring Functionality

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA – American Industrial Systems, Inc. (AIS), the leading designer and manufacturer of customizable, single and multi-touch panels, industrial panel PCs, comfort HMIs, thin clients and rugged touchscreens for OEMs, ODMs and end-users; introduces their new Value Line series of Smart Touchscreen HMIs. The new Value Line series from AIS represents their latest family in their portfolio of Smart HMIs designed to complete their offering of open architecture, touch-panel PCs for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), ICT, M2M communications and simple OEM machine control and monitoring applications.

Most recently, AIS introduced the Value Line’s other family members, the Premium and Standard HMI Series. These two other series of Smart HMIs are designed to meet the demanding challenges of Big Data projects and Information & Communications Technology (ICT) now facing industrial companies, as IT continues to converge with the factory floor, MES, SCADA and other applications.

New Value Line Series Provides Simple, yet Powerful Control and Monitoring in a NEMA 4/IP65 Package for Industrial OEM/ODM Applications Requiring Intelligent, Web-based, Smart HMIs

The Premium and Standard HMI series recently introduced from AIS are fully modular, scalable and upgradable with impressive expandability for Smart applications where video and/or massive data sets are generated, processed, shared, analyzed and stored. The Value Line series is at the other end of the spectrum of open architecture, web-based Smart HMIs available from AIS. The new family design focuses on simplicity, ease of use and affordability for basic machine control applications.

Designed as a fully, integrated, Smart control and monitoring solution to solve the needs of OEMs and ODMs, the Value Line series touchscreens are sure to find favor with OEMs making machinery for discrete and process applications that require touchscreen interfaces that provide both affordability and durability with AIS’s world class HMI functionality as an integral part of their equipment designs. OEMs and end-users manufacturing food & beverage machinery, packaging machinery, power generation equipment, water/wastewater machinery, oil & gas equipment, chemical processing equipment, pharmaceutical equipment and other industrial machinery will utilize AIS’s new Value Line series of Smart HMIs for its superior control and monitoring functionality and rugged design. The Value Line series of touchscreens are equipped with a NEMA 4/IP65-compliant aluminum front bezel, and corrosion resistant surface ideal for tough and abusive environments.

Combining the Advantages of a Compact and Rugged Design with an Open Architecture Platform

While the Value Line series is an affordable and Smart HMI solution for OEM machine control applications, it doesn’t skimp on any features, performance or build quality. Featuring a rugged, aluminum die-cast housing and open platform design with many connectivity options, the AIS Value Line series is much more than just a budget touch-panel interface as its name may imply. HMI functionality is identical throughout the entire range of all three new families including: the Premium, Standard and Value Line series and is based upon AIS’s proven and successful open architecture platform designs.

Conserving Energy While Delivering High Performance at a Low Cost for Industrial Control, M2M Communications & Industry 4.0 Applications

The new Value Line series is powered with Intel’s® Celeron® N2930 processor and comes with on-board non-volatile DDR3L-1333 memory and a standard SD card slot. The new Intel Celeron processor was designed specifically as a high-powered chip that will work in a wide range of thermal conditions making it highly desirable for industrial control applications. The Celeron N2930 was selected by AIS for their Value Line series of HMIs as it offered several improvements over previous generations, including: easier integration, higher performance, better power utilization and lower system costs. In addition, AIS also lowered overall HMI system costs by using an aluminum die-cast housing which resulted in a lightweight frame, high dimensional stability, superior corrosion resistance, improved mechanical properties, high thermal and electrical conductivity and the ability to retain strength at high temperatures.

High Reliability & Availability Makes this “All-In-One” HMI Nearly Maintenance-Free with Lower Field Service Expenses and Repairs

These new touch-panel solutions are lightweight, easy-to-service, nearly maintenance-free and space-saving. They are able to withstand high electromagnetic environments and are resistant to shock and vibration. The Value Line series HMIs also come with UL listing and CB certificate. Available in a variety of screen sizes ranging from 7” to 21.5”, in single resistive and multi-touch screen versions, the Value Line Smart HMIs from AIS comes standard with Windows Embedded Compact 7, Embedded 7 or 8 (32/64 bit) operating systems.

AIS’s New HMI Families: Premium, Standard and Value Line Overview of Features & Benefits

AIS recently introduced their new series of HMIs including, the Premium, Standard and Value HMIs. Key features of the entire range of new, open HMI touch panels from AIS include:

• Open & standard interfaces in hardware & software for HMI, SCADA & MES applications

• PC-based automation using standard Ethernet & TCP/IP for easy HMI/SCADA & IT/OT integration

• Web-enabled HMI with HTML5-compliant web browsers for improved real-time decision making

• Easy to replace, highly modular designed field-replaceable front display and box industrial PC

• Maintenance-free illumination system with lifetime rating of 80,000-100,000 hours on Eco mode

• Expandable HMI solutions with multiple configurations & options for fast project engineering

• International marks and schemes for safety equipment, certification and regulatory compliance

• Suited for IT-OT convergence, M2M communications, Industry 4.0 and IoT ready for future requirements

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Headquartered in Irvine, California, USA, American Industrial Systems, Inc. (AIS) offers in-house electronic and mechanical design, software development, manufacturing, production and quality control services. Offering one of the widest range of industrial computing solutions, AIS solutions are available in a multitude of configurations for industrial, oil & gas, military and marine applications. The company is fully committed to empowering, improving and delivering turnkey HMI, monitoring and display solutions for OEM, ODM and end-user customers. AIS is an ISO 9001:2008 certified supplier and manufacturer of rugged computers and displays, and received completion of the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) registration from the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC). For more information, visit:, email: or contact: 1-888-485-6688.

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