Smart Interface Cable determines vehicle speed in real-time.

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Featuring plug-and-play design, OBDII Odometer communicates with vehicle's on-board computer to determine current vehicle speed and outputs real-time vehicle speed over RS232 serial data interface. Navigation accuracy down to 0.05% of distance travelled is achieved when connected to Spatial series GPS/INS products. Smart interface cable has built-in support for 9 OBDII communication protocols and can, depending on vehicle, retrieve speed from ABS or transmission.

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Advanced Navigation has Announced the Release of Their OBDII Odometer Vehicle Speed Interface Cable

The OBDII Odometer is a smart interface cable that communicates with a vehicle's on-board computer to determine the current vehicle speed. It outputs real time vehicle speed over an RS232 serial data interface.

When connected to one of Advanced Navigation's Spatial series of GPS/INS products it allows for outstanding navigation accuracy when GPS is not available, down to 0.05% of distance travelled.

With built in support for nine different OBDII communication protocols, the OBDII Odometer supports almost all modern vehicles on the market. It is completely plug and play with no setup required and can be switched between vehicles in seconds.

On GM, Ford and some European vehicles, the OBDII Odometer is able to retrieve vehicle speed from the ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) system which provides a very high resolution speed. On all other vehicles the OBDII Odometer will provide speed from the transmission which is still a very accurate reference. The OBDII Odometer is also able to determine when the gearbox is in reverse on a range of vehicles.

The OBDII Odometer has a miniature in-line design that is easy to fit into any vehicle. It features a strong ABS plastic shell and tough strain relieved cabling.

The OBDII Odometer is protected from surges, reverse polarity, brown outs and overvoltage to continue operating through harsh electrical conditions. It's communications interface is optically isolated to prevent ground loops and protect sensitive equipment connected to it. It is built on top of a safety oriented real time operating system and all software is designed and tested to safety standards with fault tolerance in mind.

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Advanced Navigation is a privately owned Australian company that specialises in the development of 3D navigation technologies.

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