Slotted Brushless DC Servomotors suit limited-space areas.

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Available in 1.5, 2, and 2.5 in. lengths, 1.3 in. dia PITTMAN® Series 1300 motors achieve model-dependent peak torques from 10-57 oz-in. and continuous torques from 3.5-8.5 oz-in. Rotor construction allows rotational speeds to 8,000 rpm, and 3 Hall sensors provide rotor position feedback for electronic commutation. Supplied in aluminum housing, products also feature 3-phase stator with 6-slot silicon steel laminations; 4-pole rotor with neodymium ring magnets; and ABEC ball bearings.

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Pittman 'Series 1300' Slotted Brushless DC Servomotors Deliver More Power in Smaller Package

PITTMAN® "Series 1300" slotted brushless DC servomotors deliver more power in a smaller and cost-effective package to maximize design flexibility and satisfy application requirements where space may be minimal. They are ideal for power applications in a wide range of industries, including data storage, medical/biotech, semiconductor processing, automation, and others requiring high performance, long life, and reliability.

Despite their small size (1.3"/33mm diameter), these brushless DC motors can achieve peak torque from 10 oz-in to 57 oz-in and continuous torque from 3.5 oz-in to 8.5 oz-in, depending on model. Robust rotor construction allows rotational speeds up to 8000 RPM.

Standard features include three Hall sensors to provide rotor position feedback for electronic commutation; 3-phase stator with 6-slot silicon steel laminations; 4-pole rotor integrating high-energy neodymium ring magnets for optimized motor performance; and large ABEC ball bearings with high dynamic load ratings (up to 390 lbs.) and shielded to protect against contaminants.

PITTMAN "Series 1300" brushless DC motors are available in three lengths (1.5 in., 2 in., and 2.5 in.) and are housed in precision-machined aluminum to promote lightweight designs and to integrate the front-endbell. Optional square flanges can be specified for NEMA 14 mounting.

Motors can be customized with planetary or spur gearboxes, optical encoders, and other options to meet application demands.

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