Slotless Motors are suitable for hand tools and robotics.

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Slotless, brushless, DC motors feature slotless stator winding and rotor construction, which provide zero cogging torque and vibration. Stator winding of high density copper positioned inside toothless stator ring creates no preferred rotor position and reduces audible noise. Nominal frame sizes range from 1.4 to 5.8 in. dia, achieving speeds up to 50,000 rpm with torque constants to over 600 oz-in. per amp.

Original Press Release:

Small Slotless Motors Engineered For High Precision And Power

DOVER, NH -- EADmotors new slotless brushless DC motors are an ideal solution for applications where small package size, speed and precision accuracy are critical factors. The unique motor design allows for smaller sized motors with greater power output, even in extremely high or low speed continuous duty operation.

The motors' slotless stator winding and unique rotor construction provide zero cogging torque and vibration for unparalleled precision accuracy. The patented stator winding of high density copper, positioned inside a toothless stator ring, creates no preferred rotor position and reduced audible noise. Rotors with high-energy rare earth magnets result in extremely low magnetic core loss, boosting power and maximizing torque-to-weight ratios. Reduced winding inductance significantly decreases wattage losses in control electronics, allowing for the use of newer, less expensive control circuits.

Compact nominal frame sizes range from 1.4 to 5.8-in. dia, achieving high speeds up to 50,000 rpm with torque constants to over 600 oz-in. per amp. Advanced design and manufacturing capabilities allow for many engineered options including; number of poles and spans, back iron thickness, high energy magnets in various arcs and rings of all sizes, magnetic and mechanical air gaps, magnetic densities, copper fills, mountings, housing fluting, and a variety of feedback devices with protective covers.

Suggested applications include medical equipment, hand tools, disc and tape drives, robotics, machine tool drives, business machines, blowers and fans, printers and copiers, pumps, control equipment, material handling equipment and computer peripherals.

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