Sliding Shoe Sorter features all-electric switching system.

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With operating speed of 350 fpm, UniSort® VII offers positive, gentle sortation for both single-sided and dual-sided applications. Sliding shoe sorter features 30° divert angle and standard widths to match FKI Logistex conveyor systems. It supports both PLC-based or BOSS(TM) PC-based control systems. Unit includes aluminum slats designed for small-item sortation in addition to standard lightweight metal tubes.

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FKI Logistex Introduces New Unisort VII Sliding Shoe Sorter

Upgrade to entry-level UniSort V model offers new feature set

(Cincinnati, Ohio, USA: October 24, 2006) FKI Logistex® (, a global leader in integrated material handling solutions, introduces the new UniSort® VII entry-level sliding shoe sorter, an upgrade to the company's popular UniSort V model. The enhanced feature set of the UniSort VII combines the value of the UniSort V sliding shoe sorter with FKI Logistex's proven, industry-leading high-end sortation technology.

Introduced in 1984 by FKI Logistex as a leading-edge sortation solution and the first sliding shoe sorter the company offered, the UniSort V emerged as the industry standard for the then-high-speed retail distribution market. As FKI Logistex continued to develop higher-speed sliding shoe sorter technology with later UniSort models, the UniSort V became a strong niche product primarily suited for distribution and manufacturing applications not requiring the performance of high-end sorters. The UniSort VII supersedes the UniSort V in the FKI Logistex product line.

One of the major upgrades to the UniSort VII is its all-electric switching system. Where the UniSort V required compressed air to power the switching mechanisms that controlled its sliding shoes, the UniSort VII uses electric switch technology similar to that found in FKI Logistex high-end sliding shoe sorters, making it quieter and less costly to run.

The UniSort VII also offers a new option for its conveying surface - aluminum slats designed for small-item sortation are now available as an alternative to the standard metal tubes offered on the UniSort V. Standard tube surfaces on the UniSort VII are more durable and lightweight, enhancing their energy efficiency and the system's mean time between repair.

Operating speed for the UniSort VII remains at the standard 350 feet-per-minute of the UniSort V. It offers positive, gentle sortation for both single-sided and dual-sided applications and a choice of controls - either PLC-based or the FKI Logistex BOSS(TM) PC-based control system. The UniSort VII features a 30-degree divert angle and standard widths to match the full line of FKI Logistex conveyor systems.

"The introduction of the UniSort VII builds on FKI Logistex's successful history of innovation and performance in sliding shoe sorter technology," says Sean Hirka, product manager, sortation products, FKI Logistex North America. "With equal reliability to the UniSort V, enhanced features, and the addition of technology from our industry-leading high-end sortation system, the UniSort VII gives our customers the added value they have come to expect from FKI Logistex."

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