SLH 35 Assembly Element Small Assembly Profile for the Modular System


SCHUNK, the clamping and gripping technology specialist based in Lauffen, Germany, has added a new size to its SLH assembly elements for the GEMOTEC modular system, and now also offers elements for pipe columns with a diameter of 35 millimeters. The new assembly system includes components such as single or double mounting bases and plinths, for example, which are used for supporting the hollow columns and are connected to one another by means of cross connectors and assembly plates. The ground and chrome-plated single or double columns allow simple, precise clamping and fastening of the bases and cross connectors. In this way, a variety of assembly versions can be configured using just a few standard elements. Machined locating surfaces and integrated assembly and locating bores guarantee that elements will be fitted with perfect angular precision. With its slimline dimensions, this system meets the growing demand for increased miniaturization and also enables the rapid assembly of sturdy and highly torsion-resistant sub-structures in the small size field, too. They literally build the foundations for precise, highly dynamic handling systems, for modern linear units and rotary modules get down to work at very high speeds. The sub-structure must absorb the resulting forces reliably and without vibration. The 35 assembly system saves space, reduces the overall weight of handling systems and keeps proportions sensible in relation to the miniature modules mounted on it.

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