Single Board Computer includes PCI Express bus.

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Based on Intel® Pentium® M processor 760 running at 2.0 GHz or Intel® Celeron® M processor 320 running at 1.3 GHz, Model PCI-955 is PICMG 1.0-compatible and includes Mobile Intel® 915GM Express chipset with integrated graphics. It provides communication at 250 Mb/s and full-duplex for every PCIe interface. Supporting up to 2 Gb DDR2-SDRAM memory, Model PCI-955 includes 2 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, 4 SATAs, and 6 USB 2.0s, as well as 2 serial and 1 parallel interface.

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Kontron's PCI-955: PICMG 1.0 Slot Board with PCI Express on Board

PCI Soars to New Heights with PCI Express and Intel® Products

Eching / Nuremberg, Germany, February 22, 2005: Kontron Embedded Computers, one of the largest world wide providers of embedded solutions is announcing the implementation of the PCI Express bus (PCIe for short) for communication with peripherals on its new PICMG 1.0-compatible Kontron PCI-955 Single Board Computer. The new Kontron PCI-955 SBC is based on the Intel® Pentium® M processor 760 and the Mobile Intel® 915GM Express chipset. It provides communication at 250 MB/s exclusively and full-duplex for every PCIe interface. Existing PCI-based boards only offer 133 MB/s nonexclusively and unidirectionally, so the Kontron PCI-955 CPU board is an ideal solution for existing PCI-based I/O boards, with additional bandwidth for all components on the CPU board. Communication is no longer restricted on board by other components' bandwidth.

In addition to delivering PCIe capabilities, the Kontron PCI-955 also boasts significantly improved graphics performance, thanks to the Mobile Intel 915 GM Express chipset with integrated graphics, based on the Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 900 architecture. The Kontron PCI-955 supports the power Intel Pentium M processor 760 running at 2.0 GHz or, alternatively, the Intel® Celeron® M processor 320 running at 1.3 GHz. The Kontron PCI-955 supports also up to 2 GB of DDR2-SDRAM memory. Interfaces include two Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, four SATAs and six USB 2.0s, as well as two serial and one parallel interface.

"The Kontron PCI-955 board is ideal for existing performance-hungry PCI expansion cards such as frame grabber cards, which have to save images locally and simultaneously transmit them via Ethernet, because it doesn't require expensive server chipsets with multiple PCI buses," according to Dr. Rudi Wieczorek, CTO at Kontron AG.

"The latest Intel® Pentium® M processor coupled with the Mobile Intel® 915GM Express chipset offers many benefits for embedded market segments such as improved performance in a smaller form factor," said Doug Davis, vice president, Digital Enterprise Group, general manager, Infrastructure Processor Division, Intel Corporation. "This high performance, low power platform offers support for PCI Express and allows companies like Kontron to bring new levels of performance and innovation to embedded applications."

Typical applications for the Kontron PCI-955 include high-end industrial applications, data communications, data storage, server applications, image processing and medical applications.

About PICMG 1.0-compatible slot CPU boards
PICMG 1.0-compliant CPU boards have a simple system configuration that focuses solely on enhancing computing power. Front-side swapping, hot-swapping - and screwless locking are not requirements. Expensive press-fit connectors for the slot board are also eliminated with PICMG 1.0; instead, I/Os are connected directly to the board. The passive carrier board has prewired or SMT connectors. All of this makes slot board configurations ideal and cost effective for highly complex image and data communications applications, which are generally implemented with additional, usually customer-specific expansion boards. A PICMIG 1.0 board can directly manage four PCI I/O boards.

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