Silicone PSA has easily removable release liner.

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Intended for silicone gasket and cushioning pad applications where acrylic adhesive systems cannot be used, DP-1001 polyimide film-supported silicone pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) features 91 lb poly-coated opaque white release liner designed to facilitate separation from silicone adhesive. This cross-linked silicone adhesive has continuous service from -100 to +500°F and short-term, intermittent service to 600°F.

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Silicone Pressure Sensitive Adhesive with Easy to Remove Release Liner

Stockwell Elastomerics now offers the new Stockwell DP-1001 polyimide film supported silicone pressure sensitive adhesive with easy to remove release liner. The new product is used with die cut silicone gaskets and cushioning pads and greatly reduces the time required to remove the release liner. The silicone adhesive also performs well in high temperature applications. As part of the product launch, Stockwell Elastomerics is offering product samples to customers via their website ( that allow users to see and feel the product in action and show its ease of use.

Philadelphia, PA - Stockwell Elastomerics announces the availability of Stockwell DP-1001 polyimide film supported silicone pressure sensitive adhesive with a new release liner that is easy to remove. Stockwell DP-1001 has a 91# poly-coated opaque white release liner that separates from the silicone adhesive three times faster, improving productivity and reducing scrap due to gaskets damaged during liner removal. The easy to remove release liner also supports production of high volumes of small cushioning pads where time required to remove the release liner was previously prohibitive.

Silicone polymer adhesives are normally provided with a thin, clear PET film release liner, which can be difficult for assemblers to separate and remove from the adhesive backing on die cut gaskets and cushioning pads. The difficulty in separating clear PET film release liners can contribute to damaged gaskets due to incorrect liner removal. This results in production delays and higher manufacturing costs. Some designers and users have been reluctant to specify silicone pressure sensitive adhesives due to past release liner problems. The DP-1001 solves these problems and makes the use of silicone PSAs viable for many gaskets and cushioning pads.

An important additional feature of the DP-1001 product is that this silicone adhesive with polyimide film carrier performs very well in both high temperature and low temperature applications. This wide temperature range capability is another improvement over the PET film carrier's temperature range.

Stockwell Elastomerics' President Bill Stockwell comments, "The DP-1001 with this easy to remove release liner gives our customers a productivity advantage for speed and performance in assembly. And the silicone adhesive with polyimide film carrier combination performs superbly in high temperature uses where others fail."

View DP-1001 Product Demo Video and Request DP-1001 Sample Packs
Stockwell Elastomerics provides a DP-1001 product demonstration video that shows how easy it is to use compared to a typical PET release liner.

For sample packets containing swatches of .062" thick closed cell silicone sponge and .125" thick soft silicone foam with DP-1001 silicone adhesive with easy to remove release liner, please contact Stockwell Elastomerics via The samples allow users to touch the new product personally and demonstrate how easy it is to remove the release liner quickly and without damaging the gasket.

Technical Details for Stockwell DP-1001
Stockwell DP-1001 offers optimum temperature performance as a pressure sensitive adhesive on silicone rubber gaskets, with continuous service from -100°F to 500°F (-73°C to 260°C) with short term, intermittent service to 600°F (315°C). This highly cross-linked silicone adhesive is well anchored to the polyimide film support to eliminate separation. The polyimide film carrier is translucent amber in color.

Stockwell DP-1001 is intended for silicone gasket and cushioning pad applications where temperature extremes do not permit the use of acrylic adhesive systems. Stockwell Elastomerics laminates DP-1001 onto closed cell silicone sponge, silicone foam and solid silicone rubber. Stockwell Elastomerics can also apply DP-1001 onto molded silicone rubber gaskets with flat surfaces that permit direct lamination.

The polyimide film carrier provides dimensional stability and extends the shelf life of the silicone adhesive system after it is laminated to silicone rubber sheet materials. The film carrier expands engineering options since large adhesive backed gaskets with narrow walls can be installed without losing shape.

Applications/Industries for Stockwell DP-1001
Gaskets and cushioning pads utilizing the new Stockwell DP-1001 polyimide film supported silicone pressure sensitive adhesive with a new release liner are used in many industries and applications, including technology/equipment OEMs such as portable electronic devices, medical diagnostics equipment, analytical instrumentation, ruggedized portable communications and telecommunications equipment. These industries tend to require gaskets that perform over a very broad temperature range.

About Stockwell Elastomerics, Inc.
Stockwell Elastomerics' core competence is the fabrication and molding of silicone rubber and similar high performance elastomers. In-house capabilities include adhesive lamination, custom molding, die cutting, and water jet cutting. Many Stockwell customers take advantage of water jet cutting for fast turn prototypes and initial production. Stockwell Elastomerics, Inc. is ISO9001-2008 registered.

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