Side Clamps Provide Superior Tool Access to Workpieces & Secure Hold

Fixtureworks® (Fraser, MI), North American manufacturer and supplier of workholding technologies and machine tool components offers its latest workholding solution in a versatile series of Side Clamps, developed and manufactured by Imao®-a leading Japanese producer of fixturing clamps, holding systems and machine tool accessories.
From an ergonomic, one-touch operation for high-volume repetitive applications, to six other styles offering a variety of mounting and size options, the side clamp concept is comprised of a moving jaw that simultaneously travels forward and downward to securely lock workpieces in position. At the same time, the clamps' design typically provides low profile gripping of the workpiece on the side and permits open accessibility to surfaces for machine tool paths and processing operations... completing multi-task work in single machine setups and fewer fixturing requirements.

The one touch side clamp, one of a wide range of clamps featuring the easy, one touch operation from Imao, allows operators to engage the workpiece by simply rotating the clamp's handle 45o and apply downward and lateral pressure. Conversely, rotating the handle back 45o unlocks the jaws for easier workpiece removal.

The One-Touch side clamps are available in two size ranges offering clamping forces 650 or 900 lbs. for heavy duty applications. Each size can be ordered with or without the handle-users can design and make custom handles as well as custom jaws/grip surfaces to meet application needs.

The balance of the side clamps offered includes clamps with center mount and a height-adjustable work support screw-requiring minimal space. Also, a side clamp with side mounting holes; a wide, dual-jaw clamp with up to 1.5° of jaw swivel to permit clamping on uneven surfaces; side clamps with rear mounting; a low-profile style featuring as little as 19.5mm height when in the clamped position; and a slide adjustable clamp, providing up to 30mm of elongated mounting for versatile positioning.

These clamps usually require an Allen hex wrench to operate, tightening a socket head cap screw or set screw to engage the jaws and apply the clamping force.

Clamping forces for these individual style clamps range from 1348 to 5620 lbs. for the four sizes of center mount clamps; 2742 to 10,340 lbs. for the four side mount styles; 2470 to 5620 lbs. for the three wide jaw option; 1570 to 8990 lbs. for the four sizes of rear mount units; three sizes of low profile clamps provide forces from 890 to 3800 lbs.; the three adjustable clamps offer 800 to 2630 lbs. of clamp force.

All of the side clamps are produced from hardened, high quality alloy steel and given a black oxide finish (One Touch clamp includes handle with ABS plastic ball knob)

In addition to Imao Side Clamps, Fixtureworks also offers Imao's new mini clamps, supports and stops, T-nuts, sliding mounts, springs, grid plates and blocks. Among Fixtureworks other 20,000-plus items are Fairlane® Products' grippers, rest pads, Swivots® swivel/pivoting positioning components, Quick Release ball-lock pins, rollers and bumpers; Kipp® spring plungers, rest and riser pads, tension levers and torque handles, knurled nuts, ball knobs, and hand wheels; OK-Vise® single and double wedge clamp designs; Modern Industries mPower(TM) product line which includes quick change precision locating and mounting systems and modular tooling, plates and columns

Fixtureworks® offers the complete lineup of Imao® Side Clamp fixturing clamps, including One-Touch clamps for high volume production, plus center, side, rear and adjustable mount options along with wide jaw and low profile styles, all providing excellent access to workpiece surfaces and secure lateral and downward clamping forces.

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