Shrink Fit Tool creates chatter-free machining.

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Tru-Therm induction heating/cooling unit can handle toolholders and cutting tools from 3/16 to 2 in. dia. Four different size induction coils come with system. Coils can be changed in 5 sec without need to power down system. This allows operator to use most efficient size coil for every holder. Touch-screen programming and simple cutting tool menu allow operator to specify tool size and cutting tool material: either carbide or HSS.

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New Shrink Fit Tooling Unit Promises Advantages to Job Shops

Bad Axe, MI--The all-new Briney Tru-Therm shrink-fit tooling induction heating/cooling unit puts the advantages of shrink-fit tooling squarely within reach of nearly any shop, according to the company, opening the door to chatter-free high speed or heavy machining. The fast-acting, low cost induction unit can handle a range of toolholder sizes and styles for cutting tools from 3/16 in. to 2 in. diameter. This compact unit has a greater heating capability than any other similar sized unit. And there are other advantages to Tru-Therm.

A selection of four different size induction coils come with the system. The coils are quickly changed--within five seconds--without the need to power down the system. This allows the operator to use without delay the most efficient size coil for every holder within the capacity of the unit, says George Taylor, applications manager. The result is the fastest and most effective shrink fit tool change system in the industry.

Touch screen programming through a simple cutting tool menu allows the operator to specify tool size and cutting tool material--whether carbide or HSS. The heating cycles appropriate to tool size and type are preprogrammed. The screen then tells the operator which of the four coils to use; and the correct power level and timed settings are automatically executed, eliminating the possibility of operator error.

The unit features a 7.5 KVA power supply is used to heat the copper coil system. It is contained in a Nema 12 enclosure for compliance to all applicable worldwide safety standards. No special power requirements are necessary for the initial hook-up or for service in the future. According to the company, the proven, commercial solid-state power supply is designed for a 100% duty cycle and will easily supply necessary power for long-term trouble-free shrink fit applications.

An efficient water-cooling system permits the use of copper coils as the induction coils, which are more efficient and several times more durable than the wrapped wire coils at less than half the cost. A built-in four-station cooling unit uses a closed-loop circulating coolant system to draw the heat quickly from the toolholder. With quick-change, removable cooling sleeves, stations can be arranged to match cooling needs. The system is twice as durable as small electronic systems.

Tru-Therm operation is safe, too. During the heating cycle, the toolholder hangs vertically in a quick-adjust clamping system, providing a safe and efficient way of removing cutting tools. As the toolholder is heated, the tool drops easily into a retainer. Operators can avoid handling the heated end of the toolholder. Other systems require the operator to pull the heated cutting tool from the toolholder after the heating cycle is completed.

The Tru-Therm unit is priced at $17,000.

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