Shipping Protection for the Largest Rolls

Greenville, Wis. – Shipments of film or other heavy roll material that arrive damaged can result in lost time, lost profits, even lost customers. Large rolls are often most susceptible to damage due to their sheer size and weight as carrier loads sway, bounce and vibrate during transit. Secure roll suspension can be achieved with the use of Badger Plug's wooden endboards and heavy-duty sleeve plugs. Large roll endboards can be produced up to 4 inches thick, and a variety of heavy-duty sleeve plugs are available in diameters up to 10 inches.  Special bracing, multiple slotted endboards, and roll stacking and unitizing solutions are also available. Contact Badger Plug for all options.

Badger Plug:  920-757-7300

Since 1931, Badger Plug Company has manufactured a comprehensive line of core plugs and related products for the protection, suspension and handling of roll products. Badger's plug and roll products are used extensively in packaging and paper, film and foil converting and wherever roll products are used by industry and business.

For more information, contact:

Thomas J. Duffy

Sales Manager


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