Sharp Corporation Selects QuickLogic's ArcticLink III VX5 and PolarPro 3 for its RoBoHoN Mobile Robot Phone

  • QuickLogic's ArcticLink® III VX5 facilitates display bridging while optimizing display quality and lowering power consumption for pico projectors 

  • QuickLogic's PolarPro® 3 in-system reprogrammable logic delivers twice the density of traditional FPGAs while consuming as little as 55 micro amps of static power

Sunnyvale, CA – QuickLogic Corporation (NASDAQ: QUIK), the innovator of ultra-low power programmable sensor processing solutions, announced today that Sharp Corporation has selected the company's ArcticLink III VX5 Visual Enhancement Engine (VEE) enabled display bridge and PolarPro 3 FPGA for its new and innovative RoBoHoN Mobile Robot Phone. 

RoboHoN is a 7.7 inch tall Mobile Robot Phone.  It walks, talks, sits, stands and even dances.  With facial and voice recognition capabilities, RoBoHoN knows and recognizes its owner, and responds to user requests.  RoBoHoN can take a picture or record a video, and then display the results on a table or wall with its built-in pico projector.  RoBoHoN will also read texts and emails aloud, and with voice recognition, allows users to respond hands-free.  As a digital assistant, RoBoHoN can search the internet for answers to user questions, track schedules, and make phone calls using its integrated LTE and Wi-Fi connectivity.

QuickLogic's ArcticLink III VX platform provides a display bridge from the MIPI output of RoBoHoN's application processor to the RGB input of its integrated pico projector.  Sharp chose QuickLogic's VX platform due to its unique VEE technology that is optimized in the VX5 for pico projector applications.  RoBoHoN also uses QuickLogic's in-system reprogrammable PolarPro 3 to support smart connectivity requirements. 

"QuickLogic's technology is optimized to address important user experience issues such as display quality and long battery life.  We are very pleased that Sharp has chosen our display bridging and ultra-low power reprogrammable logic solutions to provide their customers with the best possible experience," said Brian Faith, VP of worldwide marketing.

The ArcticLink III VX5 solution includes QuickLogic's Visual Enhancement Engine (VEE) technology, which is based on the iridix® core from Apical Limited and is available now.

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