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Security Fixture eliminates used fryer oil theft.

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Security Fixture eliminates used fryer oil theft.

Feb 26, 2010 - Retrofittable to any oil-containment system, cast ductile-iron Sekure Kap(TM) locks internal fryer oil and yellow grease tank systems and their contents. Recessed area protects hasp of lock from bolt cutters or prying force, and entire lock is secured by 4 protrusions to keep attack as far away as possible. Able to be attached in minutes, self-cleaning and leak-tight solution shields oil from theft while allowing it to be accessed by authorized personnel.

Kastalon Polyurethane Products - Alsip, IL

Original Press Release

Kastalon, Inc. Releases the SeKure Kap(TM)

Press release date: Feb 24, 2010

The final solution in eliminating used fryer oil theft.

Kastalon, Inc., based out of Alsip, IL, has designed and manufactured a fixture to lock internal fryer oil and yellow grease tank-systems and their contents. As the demand for biodiesel grows and yellow grease prices surge, theft has been on the rise. Once considered waste, used-fryer-oil (u.f.o) now serves as a viable and substantial key-ingredient in alternative fuel sourcing. The highly pure nature of u.f.o. and its relative low viscosity have made it a prime and easy target for these thieves. Some larger holding tanks can be vacuumed empty in just minutes.

With a typical fast-food restaurant producing 200-300 pounds of used-fryer-oil per week, and a large rendering company servicing hundreds of these locations regionally, the value of at-risk u.f.o. can range into the upper tens-of-thousands of dollars each week. When larger facilities are serviced and a national outlook is taken, u.f.o. theft potential to a renderer can be astronomical.

Although still a relatively new issue, shielding oil from theft, all-the-while allowing it to be accessed by those authorized, has been a challenge. Most methods have been either ineffective, inefficient, costly, or a combination thereof. Kastalon's innovation, The Sekure Kap(TM) is the first anti-theft prevention that is not only easy to install, simple to maintain, and retrofittable to any oil-containment system, but actually works in a cost effective manner. Kastalon has taken every engineering step in the design and material makeup of the SeKure Kap(TM) to ensure you are getting the most rugged and dependable product on the market.