Security Camera Controller aids analog to digital migration.

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Functioning as camera and/or DVR control unit, System 200 provides programmable keys for use of camera selection and CCTV playback as well as editing on computer-based controller of legacy and IP-based CCTV cameras. Modular device comes in several versions and can be expanded to meet changing needs of CCTV marketplace programmable keys can be used to emulate legacy analog cameras and control-center environment while implementing modern digital camera technology.

Original Press Release:

New CCTV Electrone Range: System 200 Security Camera Control Device

Electrone has through the custom design and manufacture side of the business been diversifying into a number of specialist industry sectors. One sector where Electrone has utilized its product development expertise is the market for CCTV control devices. As this industry changes to one oriented more towards the use of computing and the internet, Electrone have developed a security camera control device which is believed to be unique in the marketplace.

The 'System 200' ( is a camera and/or DVR control unit with a flexible range of programmable keys ideal for the use of camera selection and CCTV playback and editing on a computer-based controller of both legacy and IP-based CCTV cameras. This unique piece of hardware, combined with the expertise of some of Electrone's key partners, can deliver a solution that is unique in delivering a migration solution to new technology that needs no or minimal operator re-training. The programmable keys can be used to emulate the old, legacy, analogue cameras and control-centre environment whilst implementing modern digital camera technology.

The System200 comes in several versions and is a modular product capable of being expanded to meet the changing needs of the modern CCTV marketplace.

The System200KJ USB ( comes with a joystick and a large number of user programmable function keys. This unit contains a 2-port USB hub and connects to the controlling computer on a USB connection. A 2 * 20 LCD screen is available as standard and this can be used to send operator commands and information direct to the console. Additional USB peripherals can be added to the unit and there is the option to add a power supply if required.

The System200KJ IP ( Is functionally very similar to the USB product except that it plugs directly onto the network. This offers a wider range of connectivity options and allows the unit to control a wider range and number of devices. Remote installation and access is much easier with the IP version of the controller.

The System200M ( is as standard a single unit designed to integrate with DVR's and camera control units that need to use a PTZ joystick but where there is no joystick drivers and mouse emulation is the only option. The joystick on this module emulates a standard mouse and has been designed for use on the Bosch DBOS system. The Unit is available with 8 programmable function keys and can also be ordered as a double unit with the full range of 30+ programmable keys if required. In addition, it can be provided without the mouse emulation where it uses the standard PTZ drivers.

The System200S ( is a jog/shuttle solution available as either a single unit or as a double unit (pictured) with the 30+ programmable buttons. It is also available as an "add on" unit to the System200KJ. Whilst this unit is applicable to video editing and manipulation within the CCTV world, it is also a product aimed at the professional and consumer video edition and broadcast sectors.

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