SDS1102 Digital Storage Oscilloscope comes with PC interface.

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Digital Storage Oscilloscope is available in OWON SDS1102 and OWON SDS1000 SE series. SDS1000 SE features 2 channels up to 100MS/s real-time sample rates, maximum 20MHz bandwidth and is equipped with 7 in. color LCD screen with 800x600 resolutions. SDS1102 measures 800px wide and comes with power cord and scaling rage from 2ns per division. SDS1102 is suitable for battery testing.

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NorthTree Associates Announces OWON SDS1102 Super Economical Digital Oscilloscope

The OWON SDS1102 Super Economical Digital Storage Oscilloscope is the latest model in the line of the economical OWON SDS Deep Memory Digital Storage Oscilloscopes.

The OWON SDS1000 SE Series Super Economical Digital Storage Oscilloscopes are the most economical version of the OWON SDS Deep Memory Digital Storage Oscilloscopes. For those who either have a limited budget or don't require all the full features, the OWON SDS1000 SE Series is a good alternative. The SDS1000 SE series feature 2 channels, up to 100MS/s real-time sample rates, maximum 20MHz bandwidth, and a 7 inch color LCD screen with 800x600 resolution. They offer a 10K record length per channel of memory, SCPI supported, and a 3-year warranty.

The OWON SDS1102 oscilloscope is a desktop scope and is light in weight - which means a user could use it in a portable manner if power is available. In spite of its lightness, it has a sturdy look and feel.

The display, while only 800px wide, provides an excellent view at all angles. With regards to speed, it has a fast and instantaneous the response. After selecting and saving an image, the use of its measure function will allow a user to select a channel to get feedback which includes but is not limited to: period, mean, rms, minimum, base, overshoot, duty cycle and more. The OWON SDS1102 oscilloscope can provide a large amount of information on a signal.

While the OWON SDS1102 oscilloscope is marketed as a basic model, it is a 100Mhz, 1GS/s dual beam oscilloscope with a PC interface. All buttons and functions are located on the front panel so it can be used in tight spaces. Only the power cord is located on the back of the unit. In addition to having easy access to all the functions and buttons, the OWON SDS1102 has a scaling rage from 2ns per division to a robust 1000 seconds per division. Having this capability makes the OWON SDS1102 oscilloscope excellent for battery testing.

Created in 1990, OWON is based in China, specializing in the manufacture of oscilloscopes, waveform generators, multimeters, programmable DC power supplies, and spectrum analyzers. These capable instruments are distributed to customers in the aerospace, automotive, communication, defense, electrical, and education industries in more than 80 countries across the globe.

Established in 2004, NorthTree Associates (Cologne, MN) is a North American Master Distributor for OWON oscilloscopes, multimeters, spectrum analyzers, waveform generators, and programmable power supplies. NorthTree Associates provides unique OWON Electronic Test & Measurement tools for design engineers, test engineers and production engineers.

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