Screw Machines are offered with up to 12 axes.

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DECO 20a and 26a have bar capacities up to 20 and 26 mm dia, respectively. Model 20a provides up to 10,000 rpm spindle speeds powered by 5.5 kW motor. Model 26a offers up to 8,000 rpm spindle speeds with 7.5 kW motor. Left-to-right door opening allows access to work area from front and top. TB-DECO software permits fast program generation and data transfer to machine. It offers tool collision checking and geometry help screen.

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Tornos Introduces New, Redesigned Single Spindle Automatics with Latest Generation Software

(Brookfield, CT - March 2002) Tornos has redesigned the larger machines in its DECO 2000 series, the DECO 20a, with bar capacity up to 20mm diameter bars (25.4mm optional), and the 26a, with 26mm bar capacity (32mm optional). The new cabinet design encompasses more than just sleeker sheetmetal and graphics. The new left-to-right "pocket" door opening allows even easier access to the work area from both the front and top. In addition to the main door, there is a secondary window, which opens just above the control unit for easy access to the main spindle. This extra entry way facilitates collet and guide bushing changes. Tornos' engineers have also increased the coolant tank size for an extra 20 liters of coolant. They also designed a new parts gripper and basin which have less moving parts and thus require less positioning adjustment.

The company's patented, TB-DECO software has also been enhanced, permitting faster program generation and data transfer to the machine. The latest version also boasts more automated functions, such as tool collision checking and a geometry help screen. Further, the navigation from screen to screen and function to function is more user-friendly.

The DECO 20a and 26a are offered with up to 12 axes. The 20a provides up to 10,000 rpm spindle speeds powered by a 5.5 kW motor. The 26/32mm machine offers up to 8,000 rpm spindle speeds with a 7.5 kW motor. Both can be equipped with Tornos integrated bar loaders.

The DECO 2000 concept, which was introduced to manufacturers in 1996, is truly revolutionary in that it offers the speed and productivity of the old cam-style Swiss type screw machines and the flexibility and precision of CNC. Many traditional screw
machine shops have embraced the DECO technology and Tornos also sees the trend of general machine shops producing small complex parts realizing the productivity benefits from this technology also. Multiple, independent axes allow up to four tools to cut

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