Schneider Electric Expands Zelio Product Family For Increased Flexibility In Demanding Applications

PALATINE, Ill. - August 21, 2006 - Schneider Electric has enhanced its popular Zelio® line of automation products with the introduction of the new Telemecanique® brand Zelio plug-in relays, Zelio Logic 2 programmable smart relays, Zelio count counters and Zelio analog interface modules.

"The new family of Zelio plug-in relays is built with innovative features specifically designed to meet the most demanding application requirements as well as accelerate return on investment by streamlining installation and management to save time and money for OEMs, panel builders and system integrators," said Linda Sedak, senior product specialist, Schneider Electric North America.

In addition, the new Zelio Logic 2 programmable smart relays offer an effective alternative to traditional relay, timer and counter combinations used in simple automation systems. The new all-in-one design saves valuable panel space and reduces installation time and wiring costs by up to 70 percent."

Zelio Plug-in Relays
The new plug-in relay line is comprised of four product families - the RSB interface relays, the RXM miniature relays, the RUM universal relays and RPM/RPF power relays - combining many size, function and capability options to fit a variety of applications. The space-saving relays are easy to integrate into existing panels and offer a variety of features that simplify installation and integration, including:

Adaptable to all common voltages
Plug-in protection module to protect against electrical spikes
Plug-in jumper bars for coil terminals to avoid time-consuming wiring
Spring return button enabling forced maintaining of the contacts for test or maintenance purposes

Mechanical indication of relay status
Relay state LED indication available (depending on version) indicating relay status
Extremely compact size to facilitate integration in your installations with simplified mounting of extensions or options on sockets

Common applications for the Zelio plug-in relays include industrial machinery for conveying, packaging and palletizing, as well as in facility and infrastructure applications involving compressors, HVAC, pumps and water treatment (pumping systems). They conform to numerous international standards and the requirements of the European RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) directive.

Zelio Logic 2 Programmable Smart Relays
Available in a compact and expandable modular form for increased flexibility, the Zelio Logic 2 relay family offers up to 40 I/O in relay and transistor outputs. The new programmable relays come with expansion modules and analog outputs that work with existing analog inputs for better control. Discrete and analog inputs also are available, and modules are offered with a front-face display that includes programming capabilities. Supply voltages are available in AC and DC, and new additions to the existing range include 12Vdc, 24Vac, 24Vdc and 100 to 240Vac.

When used in conjunction with Zelio Soft(TM) software version 3.0 or higher and a ZelioCom(TM) modem interface module, users are able to monitor the relays via a PSTN or GSM modem that also can provide alarm notifications to a PC or cellular phone. Zelio Logic 2 relays are easy to program and, when used with Zelio Soft software, create an application to replace other control components. The programmable relays come equipped with a EEPROM back-up memory module, enabling them to download program software without needing to travel to a site with a PC.

Zelio Count Counters
The Zelio count totalizing and hour counters keep a running total on the number of cycles a machine has performed or the total amount of time it has been running and are designed to provide the information required for a good preventive maintenance program. The small, panel-mounted counters also are:

IP66- or IP67-rated, making them dust-tight and protected against splashing water or powerful water jets, respectively

Conveniently mounted in the enclosure door so they can be read without opening it
Easy to operate with no complicated programming to learn or use

Zelio Analog Interface Modules
The Zelio analog interface modules are designed to convert analog signals emitted by sensors or other electrical instrument devices into standard electrical signals that are compatible with automation platforms and controllers. Users can easily convert signals from Type J or K thermocouples or Pt100 probes to useful analog signals with the Zelio analog interface modules. The modules also can convert 0 to 10V or 4 to 20 mA input signals to 0 to 10V or 4 to 20 mA output signals. Other advantages include:

Present input and output scales that require no adjustments
Outputs protected against reverse polarity, overvoltage and short circuits
Common 24Vdc supply voltage

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