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SAS/SATA Protocol Analyzers speed storage product development.

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Jul 24, 2012 - Model U3055A SerialTek BusXpert PRO II 12G SAS/SATA analyzers can be configured with 9-, 18-, or 36 GB buffer memory, while model U3056A devices come with 72 GB memory. Both are designed for 12 Gbps SAS and 6 Gbps SATA and support HD mini-SAS connectors for 4 ports. They can be cascaded together to record multiple ports simultaneously, with results viewed on same graphical interface. Used in lab or field, units allow protocol analysis for data storage developers early in design cycle.

Agilent Technologies, Inc. - Santa Clara, CA

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Agilent Technologies Introduces SerialTek BusXpert PRO II 12G SAS/SATA Analyzers

Press release date: Jul 16, 2012

Products Identify Potential Data Storage Issues Early in Design Cycle, Help Get Products to Market Faster

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) today announced the availability of Agilent U3055A/U3056A SerialTek BusXpert PRO II 12G SAS and SATA analyzers. Both analyzers are designed for 12-Gbps SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) and 6-Gbps SATA (Serial AT Attachment). They provide fast protocol analysis to help data storage developers address potential issues early in the design cycle and get products to market faster.

SAS is a high-speed serial bus used primarily for storage applications in high-performance servers and workstations. Storage devices and chipsets operating at 6 Gbps and 12 Gbps present tough measurement challenges that require new tools and procedures for proper validation. Agilent's SAS and SATA protocol test solutions provide early access to measurements that can identify potential design issues.

"For today's SAS and SATA developers and integrators, getting to the root of a problem can be especially difficult when there isn't an obvious trigger condition," said Ross Nelson, general manager of Agilent's Digital Debug Solutions group. "Working with SerialTek has allowed us to deliver complete and full-featured protocol analysis. The U3055A/U3056A implement all SAS and SATA technologies and excel at providing real-time analysis, deep-dive data capture and ease of use."

The analyzers support HD mini-SAS connectors for four ports and the industry's largest buffer (up to 72 GB). The analyzers' small size allows for easy transport around the lab or the field. In addition, users can cascade multiple units together to record multiple ports simultaneously - and view the results in the same graphical interface.

Additional information about Agilent U3055A/U3056A SerialTek BusXpert PRO II 12G SAS/SATA analyzers is available at U.S. Pricing and Availability

Agilent U3055A/U3056A SerialTek BusXpert PRO II 12G SAS/SATA analyzers are available now with prices starting at $69,995. The model U3055A can be configured with 9-, 18- or 36-GB buffer memory. The U3056A comes with 72-GB buffer memory.

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