RS485 Repeaters come with 3-way isolation from transient surges.

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Enabling user to add up to 32 nodes per segment for increasing transmission speed, PSM-ME-RS485/RS485-P Repeater transmits serial signals up to 1.2 km. Using differential voltage lines for data and control signals, unit overcomes the drawbacks of serial ports.

Original Press Release:

Amplify RS485 Signals Up to 1.2km

Perle Systems, a global provider of serial device networking hardware, today announces the launch of RS485 Repeaters.

The PSM-ME-RS485/RS485-P Repeater, boosts RS485 serial signals to cover distances up to 1.2km. By using differential voltage lines for data and control signals RS-485 repeaters overcome the limitations of standard serial ports. In addition, 3-way isolation protects devices from transient surges and ground loops on the data line.

"Transmitting RS485 data over a long distance does not have to be expensive or difficult," comments John Feeney, Chief Operating Officer at Perle Systems. "The PSM-ME-RS485 allows our customers to extend serial device communication without interfering with the integrity of the data."

The PSM-ME-RS485 repeater can be used to create network structures that are tailored to the relevant application. Users will be able to add up to 32 nodes per segment, increase transmission speeds and create mixed network structures.

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