Rotational Connectors help eliminate pipe leaks.

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Made of steel, INSERTA(TM) 90° Flange Rotational Connectors range in size from 1/8-3 in. They are available with Code 61, Code U461, or Code 62 ports of same size. Models with different Codes or sizes of ports on connector are pressure-rated based on lower of 2 pressure-rated flange connectors. Code 61 connectors are used to connect Code 61 to Code 61 4-bolt flanges, while Code U461 retainers connect 2 Code U461 4-bolt flanges when higher pressure rating is required.

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90° Flange Rotational Connectors

INSERTA(TM) 90° FLANGE ROTATIONAL CONNECTOR gives one greater flexibility in assembling INSERTA(TM) Valves and Modular Connectors on Code U461, Code 61 and Code 62 4-Bolt patterns. The assembly of these components saves space, time and money, eliminates piping leaks and adds value and intregrity to a system. The INSERTA(TM) 90° Rotational Connectors are available with the same Code and size ports or with one reducing port size. They are available with Code 61, Code U461 or Code 62 ports of the same size. The models with different Codes or sizes of ports on the connector are pressure rated based on the lower of the two pressure rated flange connectors. The INSERTA(TM) Code 61 Flange Rotational Connectors are used to connect Code 61 to Code 61 4-Bolt flanges. Code U461 Flange Rotational Retainers should be specified to connect two Code U461 4-Bolt flanges when their higher-pressure rating is required. Likewise, specify the Code 62 with the Code U461 4-Bolt ports when its higher-pressure rating is required. These connector options further enhance the use and flexibility in assembling INSERTA(TM) Modular Valves. These connectors are made of steel as standard and range in size from 1/8" to 3". Custom connectors and connectors made of other materials can be provided whenever a customer's design dictates a specialized requirement. Visit our web site at

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