Rotary Transmitters work with thermocouples and strain gages.

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Products transmit electrical measurement signals from rotating part to stationary measurement system or PC and do not contain slip rings. Offered with choice of 4, 8, or 12 channels, they operate up to 40,000 rpm. Features include resistance of less than 0.2 milliohms, noise of less than 25 mV, and signals up to 0.5 A/cell, 60 V AC/DC. Units are suited for use in aerospace, machinery, paper, and automobile industries.

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Magtrol's Rotary Transmitters for Reliable, Long-Term Measurement Solutions

Buffalo, NY - Magtrol's Rotary Transmitters provide a reliable way to transmit electrical measurement signals from a rotating part to a stationary measurement system or PC. They do not contain slip rings, which makes them superior to other rotary transmitters that use rings, brushes, wire loops and similar devices. The transmitters feature 4,8 or 12 channels, and can operate up to 40,000 rpm. Other features include resistance < 0.2 mOhms, noise < 25mV, very low inertia, signals up to 0.5 A/cell; 60 V AC/DC and a long lifetime.

Magtrol's Rotary Transmitters are mainly used in the aerospace, machinery, paper and automobile industries. They are exceptionally well suited for the transmission of electrical signals from thermocouples, strain gauges, oscillation pick-ups and accelerometers. They can be used to transmit excitation power to these devices in addition to transmitting the measuring potentials from them. They are commonly found in research and development laboratories for measurement and duration testing on rotating test items and objects under working conditions. In addition, Magtrol's Rotary Transmitters have been particularly successful in the measurement of temperatures and mechanical values on rotation parts of turbine and jet engines, turbo-compressors, propellers, motors, gearboxes, machine tools, roll bearings, tilting pads, molding machine screws and other machines, as well as running tests on all types of road and rail vehicles. To find out more on Magtrol's Rotary Transmitters, click the following link:

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