Robot Controller operates up to 4 robots from single point.

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Based on Windows CE, Model NX100 features 6.5 in. color touchscreen with compact flash card slot, and standard Ethernet port with TCP/IP and FTP protocols. Support of optional web server allows remote monitoring and diagnosis through Internet or local network. Controller offers integrated soft PLC with 1,024 I/O, support for ladder programs, and graphical ladder editor. It connects to variety of Fieldbus networks, including DeviceNet, ProfiBus, and EtherNet/IP.

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Motoman Introduces the NX100: The Controller for the Next Century

Dayton, Ohio - Seven times faster, feature-packed, highly reliable, and even easier to use -- Motoman's new NX100 robot controller builds on 25 years of experience to provide a platform for the future. Its revolutionary user interface, based on industry-standard Windows® CE, reduces system complexity. The pendant features a larger 6.5" color touch-screen display with built-in compact flash card slot for easy back-up. The use of a unique cross-shaped navigation cursor reduces teaching time by 30 percent.

"Using patented technology, the advanced XRC controller enables multiple robot control of up to FOUR robots from a single point of control (compliant with ANSI/RIA R15.06-1999 safety standard). No other robot company currently offers more than dual robot control. The new NX100 robot controller builds on that Multiple Robot Control technology, making it even faster and easier to use. It is packed with advanced features that give it unmatched capabilities," said Erik Nieves, Motoman's Manager of Technical Advancement.

"The NX100 offers unmatched cost savings in multiple robot configurations, requiring only one 'full' control unit, coupled with add-on robot modules configurable for two, three, or four robots. With this modular approach, the NX100 eliminates unnecessary cost found in 'traditional' multiple robot configurations that combine two, three, or four 'full' controllers," Nieves continued.

The NX100 controller also offers unmatched connectability, including a standard Ethernet port, with TCP/IP and FTP protocols. The controller also supports an optional web server that allows remote monitoring and diagnosis through the Internet or local network

The NX100 has been transformed from a robot controller into a robust system-level cell/robot controller. It features an integrated "soft PLC" with increased I/O (1,024), faster scan time, and support for larger ladder programs (10,000 steps), and a graphical ladder editor that runs on the pendant. The NX100 readily connects to a variety of Fieldbus networks, including DeviceNet, ProfiBus, EtherNet/IP, etc.

By eliminating the need for a separate PLC, PC-based human machine interface (HMI), and separate password protection hardware, and by providing Ethernet port standard, the NX100 provides significant cost savings at the system level, while also decreasing system complexity and improving overall system reliability.

The NX100 achieves even higher path accuracy control than the XRC, using improved Advanced Robot Motion (ARM) control algorithms.

The NX100 uses the enhanced INFORM III programming language and provides backward compatibility with INFORM II language used by the XRC controller. Programs written on the XRC controller will run without modification on the NX100.

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