Resin Adhesive is suited for laminating applications.

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Balancing tack, open time, and set speed while minimizing moisture transfer into sheet, Ultimate Control(TM) 32-541A resin adhesive helps laminators attain optimal line speeds. Hold-out properties let operators meter glue-line width, reducing waste adhesive drip from flute tips. Glue line thickness can be metered down, and adhesion and set time can be controlled. Product runs effectively on heavy, coated, or varnished sheets as well as on lighter, uncoated sheets without slinging.

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National Adhesives Introduces New High-Performance Ultimate Control(TM) Laminating Adhesive

BRIDGEWATER, NJ, December 7, 2006 - National Adhesives has introduced a new high performance resin adhesive product line that can help laminators attain maximum line speeds and reduce adhesive usage and production costs for point-of-purchase and other types of laminating applications.

National's 32-541A resin UC(TM) adhesive, the first in a series of products being introduced under the Ultimate Control(TM) adhesive brand name, provides accurate, consistent and optimal adhesive application control required for today's lamination application and retrofit equipment. It provides a balance of tack, open time, and set speed and reduces moisture transfer into the sheet. The superior hold-out properties of 32-541A resin UC adhesive enable operators to meter glue-line width, reducing waste adhesive drip from flute tips. Glue line thickness can be metered down, and adhesion and set time can be controlled on an application-specific basis.

Formulated to work on all types of laminating equipment, 32-541A resin UC adheres to a wide range of substrates and enables operators to run lines without concern for adhesive changeover and the associated downtime. The adhesive is less reliant on the substrate for absorption and drying than other adhesives. As a result, it runs as effectively on heavy, coated, or varnished sheets as it does on lighter, uncoated sheets. The adhesive also runs without slinging, eliminating downtime required for clean up.

For even greater production efficiency, laminators can use 32-541A Resin UC adhesive in conjunction with National Adhesives' Aerobond(R) Adhesive Foaming System. The Aerobond foaming system injects the adhesive with air, which is then carefully blended to create consistently sized, microscopic bubbles within the adhesive. This process significantly reduces adhesive density, weight and water content, resulting in faster drying time, reduced surface imperfections and less adhesive required for proper adhesion.

For more information on 32-541A resin UC adhesive, contact National Adhesives Information Center, One Matrix Drive, Monroe, NJ 08831. Call 1-800-797-4992. Fax 1-609-409-5699. E-mail:

National Adhesives is a unit of National Starch and Chemical Company, which had worldwide sales of $3.34 billion in 2005. National Adhesives offers hot melt, liquid emulsion and solvent-borne solution adhesives to customers worldwide. National Adhesives' products are based on polyurethane, acrylic, rubber, ethylene vinyl acetate, epoxy, polyvinyl acetate and starch and dextrin chemistries. National has its headquarters in Bridgewater, NJ, and is a member of the ICI Group.

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