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Relay Couplers and Timing Elays save space, installation effort.

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Aug 07, 2014 - At 6.2 mm wide, relay couplers and multifunction timing relays of Interface Relay Compact (IRC) program facilitate installation. Interchangeable relays or optocouplers allow units to be adapted to requirements, while differently colored cross-connection combs ensure clear layout. There are 5 types of products available: basic IRC relay coupler, IRCP model with optional integrated fuse module, input/output models IRCPI and IRCPO, as well as MFR-IRCP time-function coupler component.

Original Press Release

IRC - Modular CONTA-CLIP Relay Coupler Program in a 6.2 mm Housing / DIN Rail Housing

Press release date: Aug 04, 2014

The relay couplers and multifunction timing relays from CONTA-CLIP´s new Interface Relay Compact (IRC) program embody a new coupling relay strategy: merely 6.2 mm wide, the units require minimal space while enabling simple installation and ease of use. Thanks to interchangeable relays or optocouplers, they can be adapted to various requirements.Figure: New space-saving relay coupler program: IRC modules measure merely 6.2 mm.

Differently colored cross-connection combs additionally facilitate installation and ensure a clear layout. The program consist of five different types: the basic version is the IRC relay coupler for universal use. Like all other units from this series, it features either an innovative pressure spring wire connection system (PushIn) or an established screw wire-connect system.

Similar to the basic version, the IRCP model with an optional integrated fuse module can be used in all systems. It provides the possibility to protect each coupling relay output with a replaceable 5 x 20 mm standard micro-fuse in order to limit the effects of overcurrents to the area before the fuse. The fuses come in a plug-in SM-IRC module, thus enabling quick and easy exchanges.

The input/output models IRCPI and IRCPO provide an additional wire port that can be cross-connected, allowing for all three wires of a sensor in a PLC input or all wires of an output-side power relay or contactor to be connected directly to the coupling relay. Thereby, no further terminals are required, making the installation especially space-saving and concise.

The MFR-IRCP model, a time-function coupler component that acts as a time relay, completes CONTA-CLIP´s IRC series. The relay coupler features DIP switches that allow users to set eight time functions and four time ranges between 0.1 s and 6 h. It also features the innovative receptacle for holding additional 5 x 20 mm SM-IRC fuse modules.

CONTA-CLIP is one of Europe´s leading manufacturers of electric terminal blocks. Based in Hövelhof, Germany, the medium-sized, family-run company has been producing electric and electronic connection systems for the process and automation industries for more than 30 years. CONTA-CLIP supplies all industry sectors, focusing on railroad industries, shipbuilding, building automation, conveyor technology, machine and plant engineering and construction, instrumentation and control technology, control panel manufacturing, transformer manufacturing, and environmental technology. The company consists of three specialized branches: CONTA-CONNECT for electric connection technology, CONTA-ELECTRONICS for electronics and CONTA-CON for PCB edge connectors. Additionally, CONTA-CLIP provides services such as customizing housings and mounting rails, labeling and supplying user-specific electronic components.

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