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Re-Facer Tool restores sealing face of access fittings.

Press Release Summary:

May 09, 2011 - Available with pneumatic or electric drive options, COSASCO® Re-Facer Tool can repair corroded access fittings in pipelines under full operating pressure. Portable unit cuts and bevels surface area of fittings up to 0.020 in., including carbon steel and Hastelloy materials. Tool features feed rate of .0031 in. per trip, cutting speed of 30 sfpm, and cutting depths of 0.005, 0.010, and 0.020 in.

Original Press Release

New COSASCO® Re-Facer Tool for Corrosion Monitoring Access Fittings

Press release date: May 06, 2011

SUBJECT: New COSASCO® Re-Facer Tool for corrosion monitoring Access Fittings restores the sealing face of corroded access fittings to like new condition under full operating pressure. COSASCO® launched a new innovation in corrosion management with the "COSASCO Re-Facer Tool" which permits repair of corroded access fittings under full operating pressure. The new Access Fitting Re-Facer Tool avoids the labor and costs of hot tapping when replacing damaged or corroded access fittings in pipelines. The Access Fitting Re-Facer Tool can restore the sealing surface of an access fitting within a few minutes with no pipeline shutdown required. The Access Fitting Re-Facer tool is lightweight, portable, and easy to use in the field.

In high temperature or corrosive environments the sealing face of an access fitting can quickly become corroded and leakage may occur when used in conjunction with the COSASCO Service Valve. Maintenance of the sealing face is required and the COSASCO Access Fitting Re-Facer Tool can quickly reface the surface saving time and money. The new COSASCO Valve Re-Facer tool is an economical alternative to replacing corroded, pitted, or damaged access fittings.

More information, specifications, and applications on the COSASCO Access Fitting Re-Facer Tool for corrosion management is available at

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