Rave Computer Announces 2U Quiet Graphics Computer for Simulator Applications and 'Green' Wall Mountable/Set-Top Computer, Both for Commercial Environments

STERLING HEIGHTS, Mich., Aug. 12 /-- Rave Computer launches two new ultra-quiet systems in 2U and wall mount/set-top form factors. Both systems are designed with unique capabilities geared toward simulation, security, digital signage, machine control and robotic applications, and can also be configured with Solid State Disks (SSD) for environments where shock and vibration are of concern.

2U Quiet x16 Graphics System

This ultra-quiet rackmount 2U system was designed to replace a custom Rave 4U computer used by FAAC in their training simulators. The new 2U is used to render the simulator environments and map the terrain for students. The simulators, typically installed into commercial vehicle trailers where space is very limited, were reduced in size by 50%, which was a breakthrough for FAAC.

The 23.5 inch deep solution features an Intel Quad-Core Processor and the latest 3D video card from Nvidia. Rave designed a custom chassis to support the double-width card in the 2U form factor.

"The new 2U design exceeded our customer's maximum depth requirement of 25 inches by over an inch," said Karl Rosenberger, Product Development Manager, Rave Computer. "The system uses a new high-efficiency power supply and the PWM cooling fans only operate as fast as is needed to maintain proper cooling, thereby keeping the system very quiet. In a simulator application, designing the computers to be quiet is every bit as important as designing them to perform well, because any noise would be distracting to the students using the simulator."

Full product specifications are available at: www.rave.com/products/rugged/intel2UQ.php.

Key features include:
-- Supermicro C2SBC-Q Motherboard
-- Intel Core 2 Quad or Duo Processor
-- Up to 8GB DDR2/800 memory
-- Quiet Design -40dBA Acoustic Output
-- Eight USB2.0 Ports
-- Double-wide, A-facing PCI Express x16 Slot
-- Multiple Drive Bay Configurations Available

"Rave engineered this system to provide FAAC with the combination of superior graphics and compute performance required for their simulators, and the result is a machine that is ideal for the needs of the high-end simulator market," said Karl Rosenberger.

Rave Small Form Factor Wall Mount / Set-Top System

With its silent power supply and total acoustic output well under 40 decibels, this new small form factor system from Rave is not only "Green," it is small and quiet as well. Featuring the new 8-watt dual core Atom processor from Intel , it is wall mountable but can alternatively sit on a desk or shelf.

This cost-effective computer is ideal for areas with limited space such as security applications, digital signage, and machine or robotic control. The system can also be equipped with a Solid State Disc (SSD), for environments where the unit could be exposed to shock or vibration.

Full product specifications are available at: www.rave.com/products/general/smallFormFactor.php.

Key features include:
-- Intel Dual Core Atom Processor
-- Front Accessible Compact Flash
-- Front and Rear USB
-- DVD, CD, and Solid State Disk Options
-- Two PCI Expansion Slots
-- Low Power Consumption
-- 12 VDC or 120VAC Power Input
-- External Power Supply for A/C Applications

About Rave Computer

Rave Computer Association, Inc., a privately held company based in Sterling Heights, Michigan, provides commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) computer solutions in a variety of platforms, including ruggedized AMD-, Intel -, and SPARC - based computer systems that utilize Microsoft , Sun , and Red Hat software suites. Rave Computer also provides storage, backup, mobile, and custom solutions that meet customers' diverse requirements. Rave's unique services enable customers to enjoy tailored levels of customization and support that match their needs. Visit www.rave.com/ for more information, or call (800) 966-7283.

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