Racks are available from 22-47U and 600-800 mm.

Press Release Summary:

HP 10000 G2 Series Racks feature multi-angle door design and fully perforated front and rear doors providing cooling and ventilation. Steel of 7x2 roll frame is folded 7 times, enabling racks to hold net weight of 2,000 lb of static and dynamic loading. Holes in 4 mounting rails allow side-to-side cabling, and for high density environments, units feature cable egresses on top, removable access panel on rear door, and cable management straps.

Original Press Release:

HP Unveils New HP 10000 G2 Series Racks

Houston, May 2, 2007 - HP today unveiled the new 10000 G2 Series Rack family. These enterprise-class racks, from 22U to 47U and 600mm to 800mm widths, combine unparalleled structural integrity, cooling, and cable management. The ease-of-use capabilities, a wide choice of rack, power, and switching options deliver a best-in-class product. The HP 10000 G2 Rack is designated as HP's universal rack - ideal for all rack mounted servers and storage products. The HP 10000 G2 Series Rack family is ideal for sophisticated SMB companies and large enterprises with medium to large datacenters.

In addition to the universality of the new racks, important improvements have been made from the previous version, including improved and updated front door design, improved front and rear door handles and latches, and easier to handle three-section side panels.

A multi-angle door design and fully-perforated front and rear doors provide efficient convection cooling and improved ventilation. In addition, the doors have been tested to be 65 percent open for proper ventilation and cooling of servers and IT equipment.

The HP 10000 G2 Series Rack family features a patented 7x2 roll frame unique in the industry. The steel of the frame is folded seven times, rather than just being cut thicker - enabling the rack to hold a net weight of 2000 pounds of static and dynamic loading.

U markings appear on the front and side of all four mounting rails, holes in the rails allow side-to-side cabling, and split rear doors facilitate easy servicing and minimize rear aisle space interference.

The HP 10000 G2 Series Rack family addresses the cable management problems of high-density environments with features such as large cable egresses in the rack top, a removable access panel on the rear door, and cable management straps.

Pricing and Availability

Sold through Authorized Dealers, the HP 10000 G2 Rack family is available now with U.S. Internet prices starting at $1,479 for the 22U 10622 Model, $1199 for the 36U 10636 Model, $1,489 for the 42U 10642 Model, $1,909 for the 42U 10842 Model and $1,839 for the 47U 10647 Model. Pricing may vary by country or region.

Additional information is available at the Hewlett Packard Web site at www.hp.com/go/infrastructure

HP Contacts Include:

Hewlett Packard
P.O. Box 692000
20555 State Highway 249
Houston, Texas 77269-2000
1-800-282-6672 or 1-281-370-0670
U.S. and Global Site: www.hp.com/go/infrastructure
In Canada: welcome.hp.com/country/ca/en/welcome.html

Jimmy Daley
Group Marketing Manager for Rack, Power, and Infrastructure products


Dario Foti, HP
Product Manager

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