Rack Enclosure features integrated cooling capabilities.

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Utilizing water to dissipate heat out of enclosure, Liebert XDK 19 in. rack enclosure provides cooling for up to 17 kW of high-density electronics. Coolant distribution unit helps maintain fluid temperature above dew point to prevent condensation on piping, coils, and walls, while integrated cold water system absorbs server heat load through air-to-water heat exchanger. Unit facilitates blade server and other high density heat load computing equipment deployment.

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Emerson Network Power Introduces Liebert XDK Rack Enclosure with Integrated Cooling for High Density Electronics

Columbus, Ohio [April 10, 2007] - Emerson Network Power, a business of Emerson (NYSE: EMR) and the global leader in enabling Business-Critical Continuity(TM), today announced the availability of the Liebert XDK, a Knurr rack enclosure with integrated cooling capabilities. A product of Emerson's recent acquisition of Knurr Inc., the 19-inch rack is now available in the United States and provides secure and reliable cooling for up to 17 kW of high-density electronics.

This first release of the Liebert XDK, which has been marketed in Europe as the Knurr CoolTherm®, utilizes water as the fluid to transport the heat out of the enclosure. It is a closed architecture solution utilizing air circulation internal to the enclosure that is completely sealed from room air and environmental conditions. Server heat load is absorbed by the rack's integrated cold water system through a high efficiency air-to-water heat exchanger in the bottom of the rack.

This solution enables IT professionals to deploy blade servers and other high density heat load computing equipment without creating hot spots in their data centers. Redundant high-performance fans with temperature-dependent speed regulation drive closed loop air circulation in the rack's interior, while servers are supplied with cold air at the front of the rack. The Liebert XDK can improve cooling system efficiency by up to 30 percent compared to traditional room cooling systems.

"Because it is independent from environmental conditions, the Liebert XDK gives data center managers greater power and cooling flexibility at the rack level while they adapt to design and demand changes in high-availability environments," said Lennart Stahl, Liebert XD senior product manager at Emerson Network Power. "The closed architecture, water-based system is ideal for high heat density applications where noise containment is another important requirement for the computer room."

Key to the performance and space saving of the Liebert XDK is the Liebert XDP pumping unit, also known as a coolant distribution unit (CDU). This unit delivers the critical control feature of maintaining the fluid temperature above the dew point to prevent condensation on the piping, coils and walls of the enclosure. Another key role of the Liebert XDP is to ensure isolation between the building chilled water system and the Liebert XDK.

The Liebert XDK is an extension of Emerson's Liebert XD line of proven high heat-density cooling solutions that improves business continuity by supplementing traditional cooling and targeting high density areas. Knurr Inc., a leading manufacturer of equipment racks and cabinets based in Germany, was acquired by Emerson in January 2006, and has been integrated into the Emerson Network Power business, which includes Liebert power, cooling and monitoring technologies. The Knurr line complements Emerson Network Power's existing line of enclosures and makes Emerson the world's second-largest manufacturer of rack systems, along with being the leading computer cooling supplier.

For more information on Liebert XDK, or any other Liebert technologies and services from Emerson Network Power, visit www.liebert.com.

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Emerson Network Power, a business of Emerson (NYSE:EMR), is the global leader in enabling Business-Critical Continuity(TM). The company is the trusted source for adaptive and ultra-reliable solutions that enable and protect its customers' business-critical technology infrastructures. Backed by the largest global services organization in the industry, Emerson Network Power offers a full range of innovative power, precision cooling and connectivity products and services for computer, communications, healthcare and industrial systems. Key product brands within the Emerson Network Power family include Liebert, ASCO, Astec, and Lorain. The Liebert Adaptive Architecture creates power, cooling and monitoring platforms for IT systems that combine high reliability and flexibility while delivering the lowest total cost of ownership. For more information on Liebert visit www.Liebert.com. For more information on the full spectrum of enterprise-wide solutions from Emerson Network Power, visit www.gotoemerson.com.

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